The Rights of Husband, Women & Family / Thursday, August 18th, 2011

In this world, there is no one who possesses the right to tell us how we should lead our lives. Not America, not Africa, not Russia not Japan! There is absolutely no one who has the right to tell us in which manner we should live our lives. The only one who possesses this right is Allah Ta’ala, Who bestowed His Beloved Rasul ( ), the Final Nabi, with this right also, because it is only by treading the path which leads to the pleasure and happiness of Allah Ta’ala, that a person can acquire peace and comfort in this world and the hearafter. If a person displeases Allah Ta’ala, his True Master, then there is no one in the entire world that can bring him peace and comfort. There is no power and might greater than Allah Ta’ala, Our True Master.

Many women have began going to cinemas, watching videos, listening to music, leaving their homes immodestly and living a life of disobedience to Allah Ta’ala. However, when the anger of Allah Ta’ala descends and one becomes afflicted with severe  and life threatening illness like blood pressure, cancer and kidney stones, then all the comforts, luxuries and beauty of these women are reduced to nothing. Just this week here in South Africa, one of my friend’s seventeen year old daughter passed away in an accident. She was not even married as yet. Therefore, whether male or female, one should constantly ponder over the fact, that we do not know when Allah Ta’ala is going to call us back to Him and when our reckoning will commence, when it will be said to us, “Inform Us! How did you pass your life?”

My respected mothers, sisters and daughters! It is the great favour and bounty of Allah Ta’ala, that whoever follows the commands of Allah Ta’ala, be it male or female, then Allah Ta’ala has made the following promise in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Allah Ta’ala will grant him/her an enjoyable life.”

Allah Ta’ala will grant them a life of joy and happiness and a life of great peace and comfort. On the other hand, those people who disobey Allah Ta’ala will never acquire true peace and comfort. Similarly, that woman who goes against the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, struts around unveiled, doesn’t perform her Salaah, troubles her husband or disobeys Allah Ta’ala in any way, such a woman will never be able to lead a life of serenity. She will not acquire peace and contentment, and when the time of death approaches, the enjoyment of all disobedience will terminate.

Hakeemul Ummat Mujaddidul-Millat Moulana Ashraf Ali Saheb Thanwi ( ) used to say that whichever man and woman wants to reform themselves, then they should make the following Muraqabah (meditation) on a daily basis, “My soul has left my body, I am now being bathed. Thereafter, I am being wrapped in my burial shroud, and then I am being placed into the pit of the grave, and heaps of sand are being thrown over me.”

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