The Rights of Husband, Women & Family / Saturday, August 20th, 2011

We do not know when Allah Ta’ala will call. No one has the guarantee of how long we are going to live, therefore how can one have this thought that when we will become old, we will perform Hajj and engage in excessive Ibaadat. My respected mothers, sisters and daughters! When you place an order for meat, then do you order the meat of an old goat or of a young goat? Listen carefully to what I am saying! Tell me! Which part of life is better? Is it youth or old age? Which is the best part of life? Youth! So what gift do you want to present to Allah Ta’ala and the Rasul ( )? Youth or old age? We should feel ashamed of ourselves, and we should repent to Allah Ta’ala.
What do you think of Allah Ta’ala and one Rasulullah ( ), that when we have become old, and are now wearing thick spectacles, our backs have become bent, someone has become a grandmother and someone has become a grandfather, then at this age we want to start thinking of Allah Ta’ala. This is an act of ingratitude! The youth that Allah Ta’ala has bestowed us with, should be sacrificed for Him alone. Do not run after outward appearances. Repent from this form of idol-worship! These are all temporary things which will come to an end. Do you not realise that a girl who is sixteen years old today, will one day become a grandmother. She will have to wear thick spectacles, she will not have any teeth left in her mouth and she will walk with her back bent. This is the case with the boys also. Today that sixteen or eighteen year old boy, who looks so handsome, after a few days, his rosy cheeks will become pressed together, his teeth will fall out, his hair will become white, he will be wearing thick magnifying-glass like spectacles, and he will become an old man. A couplet of mine is based on this:

“The back has become bent like a bow, Someone has become a grandfather, and someone has become a grandmother.”

Therefore, don’t run after outward beauty. Remember your Allah Ta’ala. When the punishment of the grave begins, all the enjoyment of sin will be quickly forgotten. Place your finger on a burning matchstick or on a hot pan, and you will come to know. What a carefree attitude we have? We do not fear the punishment of the Hearafter, whereas the one who has informed us is Saadiq (truthful) and Ameen (trustworthy), he is such a person whose enemies even gave testimony to his truthfulness. Therefore, whatever Allah Ta’ala’s Beloved Rasul ( ) has said, let us believe in it, and let us have firm conviction on it.

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