Weakness of the Muslims

Beliefs & Practices, In the Name of Love / Monday, February 8th, 2010

So my friends, Muslims have their own celebrations but because our education is not ours anymore, our media is not ours and as a result of the environments of which our children are now becoming a part, their thinking is not theirs any longer, and parents too do not give them that atmosphere at homes where their roots of Emaan would have strengthened, they would acquire a sense of religious honour and they would be able to discern as to what are our traditions, what really are our festivals, and what are our celebrations.

Since this Muslim got deprived of all such things, so today he has started celebrating pagan festivals. Look at the society around you and notice how non-Islamic and polytheistic customs are flourishing away. Valentine’s Day, basant, Friendship Day, birthdays etc. are few such examples.

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