Visitors to the Holy Tomb Part 3

Chapter 09 - The Aadaab for the Ziyaarat, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Story No. 21: (Episode)
Hazrat Muhammad bin Munkadir Rah relates: “A man once left eighty gold coins in trust with my father before leaving for Jihaad. He said to him on leaving: “If you should be in need, you may use them. Then I shall reclaim the amount when I return.” After that Madina experienced great need with the result that my father spent the whole amount.
When the man returned and claimed his money, my father promised to return the sum the following day (not knowing where it was going to come from). My father then went to the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am where he made duaa for the whole night, sometimes at the grave and sometimes at the mimbar, begging for a way out of his predicament. In the latter part of the night he heard a voice coming to him from the darkness near the grave saying: “O Abu Muhammad, take this.”
My father stretched forth his hand and a bag was given to him. In it were eighty gold coins!” (Wafaa)

Story No. 22: (Episode)
Hazrat Abu Bakr bin Al Muqri R.A. relates: “Hazrat Imam Tabrani R.A, Hazrat Abu Shaikh R.A. and I were together in Madina. We could not find anything to eat. Suffering hunger we used to fast for days on end. In the evening at Esha time I went to the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am and said: “O Rasulullah Sal’am hunger has overtaken us.” Returning from there Hazrat Abu Qasim Tabrani R.A. said to me: “Sit down. Food shall either come to us or we shall die.” Hazrat Ibn Munqadir R.A. (Abu Bakr) says: “Abu Shaikh and I waited while Hazrat Imam Tabrani R.A. remained seated, in deep thought. Suddenly a man from the Alawi family knocked at the door. We opened the door and found a man with two servants, each one carrying a large basket with many kinds of delicious foods. We all then ate and having filled our stomachs we thought that the leftovers would be eaten by the servants. However the Alawi left all with us and said before leaving: “You have complained about hunger to Rasulullah Sal’am. I have seen Rasulullah Sal’am in a dream and he commanded me to bring food to you. (Wafaa)

Story No. 23: (Episode)
Hazrat Ibn Jalaa R.A. relates: “While in Madina I once suffered tremendous hunger. It became so unbearable that I presented myself at the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am and said: “O Rasulullah Sal’am I suffer great hunger. I am now your guest.” Thereafter sleep overtook me and in a vision I saw Rasulullah Sal’am gave me a piece of bread. I ate half of it and when I woke up I found myself with the other half of that piece of bread still in my hands.” (Wafaa)
(A similar incident of Shaikh Abdul Khair Aqta is related in story No. 8)

Story No. 24: (Episode)
Sufi Abu Abdillah Muhammad bin Abi Zar’aa relates: “My father, Abu Abdullah Khafif and I once came to Mecca and in the Holy city we suffered great hunger. In that destitute condition we traveled to Madina. We slept without any food on empty stomachs. I was then a mere child and repeatedly complained to my father of the hunger that I felt. My father then went to the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am and after having greeted him said: “O Rasulullah Sal’am today I am your guest.” Having said that my father sat down in meditation. After sitting like that for a short while he lifted up his head and we saw him first crying and then laughing. Someone asked him the reason for his strange behavior and he replied: “I have seen Rasulullah Sal’am and he gave me a few dirhams. When I opened my hands I found a few dirhams there.”
Sufi Abu Abdillah further relates: “Allah blessed us so much that with those dirhams we fulfilled our needs till we reached our hometown of Shiraz.”

Story No. 25: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Ahmad Muhammad Sufi R.A. says: “Once I wandered around in the wilderness for about thirteen months suffering such great tribulation that my very skin dried out. In that perplexed condition I reached Madina. There I first greeted Rasulullah Sal’am and his two companions. Afterwards I fell asleep. In my dream I saw Rasulullah Sal’am. He said to me: “O Ahmad, you have come to me.” I replied: “Yes Sir, I have come and I am suffering from hunger. Now I am your guest.” Rasulullah Sal’am said: “Open your two hands.” I did as I was bid and Rasulullah Sal’am filled them with dirhams. When I awoke both my hands were still filled with money. From there I immediately rose to buy bread and faluda and then returned to the wilderness (desert) (wafaa)

Story No. 26: (Episode)
Hazrat Thabit bin Ahmad Abul Qasim Baghdadi R.A. relates that he once saw a muazzin reciting the azaan for Fair salaah in the Masjid of Madina. When the muazzin said:
“Assalaato Khairum minan nowm.”
(Verily salaah is better than sleep).
A servant came along and struck him a hard smack. Crying he exclaimed. “O Rasulullah Sal’am see what is done to me in your esteemed presence!” immediately after the complaint the servant was paralyzed and fell down. People who were nearby picked him up and took his home where after three days he died. (Wafaa)

Story No. 27: (Episode)
Hazrat Sayyad Abu Muhammad Abdus Salaam Husainy R.A. says: “Once, for three days I could find nothing to eat in Madina. Then I went to perform two rakaahs near the mimbar. I then turned to the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am and said: “O my grandfather, I am hungry and my heart desired that I eat thareed.”
Thereafter I went to sleep. After a short while someone came along and woke me up. He had with him a wooden bowl in which was the most delicious thareed made with oil and meat, and with a very fragrant aroma. This he gave to me. I asked where that came from and he replied: “for three days now my children have been asking me to cook the thareed and only today did I find the means to do so. Then having cooked it I fell asleep and in my sleep Rasulullah Sal’am came to me and said: “One brother of yours has asked of me to feed him with that very food. Feed him now on my behalf.” (Wafaa)

Story No. 28: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Abdus Salaam bin Abil Qasim Saqali R.A. says: “a man told me.” I was once in Madina and had become so destitute that I had nothing and as a result I became very weak. At the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am I said: “O you sire of the predecessors and those who come after! I have come from Egypt and for five months now I have been in your presence. I beg of Allah and of you that one such person should take charge of feeding me or that I be made able to depart homewards from here. Thereafter I prayed for further things and went to sit down near the mimbar.”
“Presently I noticed a man standing before the grave saying something of which I heard him say:
“O my grandfather, O my grandfather.”
From there the man came to me. He took me by the hand and said” Rise”.
“I arose and went with him. We left the Masjid through Baab-e-Jibra’il and from there past Baqi and entered a tent. In it we found a slave-girl baked bread. While they worked my host kept me busy in conversation. When the bread was ready the girl cut them in halves and placed them before us in two places. Then she brought a container with ghee and poured it over the bread. Then she put before us some of the very best dates. My host did me to eat which I did.”
“He again asked me to eat and once more I ate till I was full. When he encouraged me a third time I said: “Sir, for many months now I have not eaten wheat. I cannot eat any more.” He took all that was left and place it in a basket and put with it about one Sa’a (about 7 kilograms) of dates. Then he asked me my name, which I told him. Then he said: “By Allah, do not ever complain to my grandfather, Rasulullah Sal’am again. It disturbs him greatly. For as long as you remain here and whenever you have the need for food it shall be sent to you.”
Then he said to his slave: “Take this basket and go with our guest to the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am.” I took leave of him and went with the slave towards the grave. When we reached Baqi I said to the slave: “It is alright, for now I know the way. You may return. The slave replied: “By Allah, I have not the right to return without having left you at the grave. Perchance Rasululllah Sal’am will inform my master if I should. So saying he accompanied me right to the grave. For four days did I eat from that basket. When the supply was exhausted and I felt hungry, the same slave came to me again with food and so it went on until a caravan left for Yanbu and I went with them (to return home) (Wafaa)

Story No. 29: (Episode)
A blind man, hazrat Abul Abbaas bin Nafes Maqri R.A. relates: “While in Madina I suffered hunger for three days. I then went to the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am and said: “O Rasulullah Sal’am! I am indeed suffering from hunger. Thereafter as a result of the great weakness in my body, I fell asleep. While asleep a young maiden came to me and shook me by the leg to awaken me and called me to follow her. I did as she requested. She took me to her house and placed before me some bread, ghee and dates. Then she said: “Abul Abbas, eat for my grandfather commanded me to feed you and whenever you feel hungry you are free to come here and partake of our food.” This story is also rebated by hazrat Abu Sulayman R.A. who goes on to stay that numerous similar stories are related.
It will be noticed that in the majority of cases Rasulullah Sal’am ordered such people who were blood relations belonging to his noble family. This was especially the case when the hungry were in need of food. And so it should be because those who love to give in charity will always take from their own household to assist those who are in need. For this very reason Rasulullah Sal’am preferred to command members of his own family (the sayyads) to feed the needy. (Wafaa)

Story No. 30: (Episode)
In his book Tow-theeq Ural-Imaam, Hazrat Imaam Baazri R.A. reports a story on the authority of Hazrat Abu No’maan R.A.: “A ma from Khurasan used to come for Haj annually. After Haj he used to visit Madina and among other things always paid his respects to Hazrat Sayyad Tahir Alawi R.A. and presented him with gifts. Once someone from Madina said to the Khurasani: “whatever you give to Sayyad Tahir Alawi is being wasted by him and in fact is being spent for sinful purposes.”
For this reason, when he again came to Madina, he gave him nothing. When he came the following year he again has him nothing and distributed his presents among the poor of Madina. Before he left his home for Haj in the third year he saw Rasululllah Sal’am in a dream in which Rasulullah Sal’am said to him: “You have wronged Sayyad Tahir Alawi. You believed the words of his enemy and thereupon stopped your gifts to him. Let that not happen again. Whatever you refused him in the past should be given and continue to do so in the future.”
When the Khurasani awoke he was overcome by great fear. He filled a bag with six hundred dinars on which he wrote the name of Sayyad Tahir and took it with him to Madina. When he arrived at he house of Sayyed Tahir he found a large gathering around him, listening to him. On seeing him the Sayyad said: “O man from Khurasan, if Rasulullah Sal’am did not speak to you, you would not have reached me now. You have believed the words of Allah’s enemy and withheld your charitable gifts from me. And only when you were commanded by Rasulullah Sal’am to present the gifts of three years did you come here. Come forward and give me the six hundred dinars.”
Hearing this the Khurasani was surprised. He admitted that it was indeed as the Sayyad said. Before handing over the bag he asked: “But how did you come to know of this?” to which Sayyad Tahir replied: ‘I know the whole story. When the first year gave me nothing, it affected me greatly because I suffered of want. When the second year you came and wen away without giving anything, and I came to hear of it, it pained me much more and I still suffered. Thereafter I saw Rasulullah Sal’am in a dream in which he said to me: “Be not distressed for I have scolded the Khurasani n a dram and I have exhorted him to present that which he withheld in the past and that as long as it is within his power, never to stop giving you.” And I thanked Allah for that dream and vision. So when you appeared before me today I was certain that my dream was true and that you did see a dream.
On hearing this the Khurasani took out the bag with the 600 dinars and gave it to the Sayyad. He kissed his hand and begged forgiveness for his fault in believing the word of his enemy.
Sayyed Samhudi related this story and then explained that hazrat Sayyad Tahir R.A. was actually the son of Hazrat Yahya R.A. son of Hazrat Husain R.A. son of Hazrat Jafar R.A. son of Hazrat Ubaid husain R.A. the son of Hazrat Ali bin Abi Talib R.A. May Allah be pleased with them all. (Rushfa)

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