Visitors to the Holy Tomb Part 2

Chapter 09 - The Aadaab for the Ziyaarat, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Story No.11: (Episode)
Another saint relates: “While residing in Mecca there once came to me a Yamani friend saying: “I have brought for you a present.”
Having said this he told a companion of his: “Tell him your story.”
The man then related: “When I left my hometown Sa’faa in order to perform Haj a very large crowd of friends and well-wishers came to bide me farewell. Many came to the outskirts of the village. From among them one person asked me to convey his greetings to Rasulullah Sal’am and the two companions in Madina. I went to Madina but there in the Holy City I forgot to convey his salaams. I only remembered when we stopped at the first manzil, Zul Hulaifa, to put on our Ihraam. I said to my companions of the caravan: “Please take care of my camel for I have to return to Madina as I have forgotten something there. They replied: “It is now time for the caravan to proceed. If you now return to Madina you will never catch up with us before we reach Mecca.” I said: “In that case when you proceed to convey my friend’s salaam to Rasulullah Sal’am and the two companions R.A. night was already falling when I had done that. Outside the Masjid I met a person who had returned from Zul Hulaifa who informed me that my companions had left the first manzil and were already on route to Mecca. I went back to the masjid hoping that I would join another caravan that may leave for Mecca. Later I fell asleep. During the latter part of the night I saw Rasulullah Sal’am and his two companions R.A. in a dream. They were coming towards me.
Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A. said: “O Rasulullah, this is the person.” Rasulullah Sal’am turned in my direction saying: “O Abul Wafaa!” I replied: “O Rasulullah Sal’am, My name is Abul Abbaas!” Rasulullah Sal’am replied: “No, your name is Abul Wafaa (he who carries out his promise).
Then Rasulullah Sal’am took me by hand and placed me right in to the Masjidul-Haraam in Mecca. I had been there eight full days. When at last my former companions of the caravan arrives.” (Rowd)

Story No. 12: (Episode)
Hazrat Abu Imaam Waasity Rah narrates: “One day I made up my mind to visit the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am. Having reached the borders of the Haraam on the way to Madina, I felt such extreme thirst that I feared for my life. Fearing that death was going to overtake me, I sat under a thorn tree. Suddenly there appeared before me a rider on a green horse, with green reins and a green saddle. In his hand he held a green glass in which was a greenish drink. Three times I drank from it but not a drop became less in the glass. Then he asked me where I was going to and I replied: “I was on my way to Madina to convey my salaam to Rasulullah Sal’am and his two companions R.A.”
Then he said: “When you reach Madina and when you have greeted them then please convey salaams from me to Rasulullah Sal’am and his companions R.A. saying that Ridwaan conveys salaams to you three.” (Rowd)
(Ridwaan is the name of the angle who is guardian over Jannat.)

Story No. 13: (Episode)
Hazrat Sayyed Ahmad Rifa’ee Rah is very well known as one of the foremost saints and mystics of Islaam. In the year 555 A.H. he went for Haj. Thereafter he visited Madina and standing in front of the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am he recited the following couplets:
“From far off the thee did I send my soul,
On my behalf to greet you in your resting place,
Here now O Rasulullah Sal’am is my body to greet you,
Stretch forth your hand that my lips may kiss you.”
Indeed was the hand of Rasulullah Sal’am stretched from the grave and in the presence of an estimated 90 thousand visitors did Sayyed Ahmad kiss it. (See Al Haawee by Suyuti)

Story No. 14: (Episode)
It is related that when the father of hazrat Sayyed Nuruddin Ayjee Shareef Afeefuddin Rah visited Madina he read the salutation in front of the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am. When he said Assalamo alaika Ay-yuhan-nabiyu wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatuh, he and al those present with him heard a voice from the direction of the grave answering: “Wa alaykum salaam, O my son.”

Story No. 15: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Nasr Abdul Wahid bin Abdul Malik bin Muhammad bin Abi Saeed Soofi al kar-khi Rah says: “After Haj I went to visit Rasulullah Sal’am in Madina. Having greeted him I was seated near the grave when shaikh Abu Bakr Diyar Bakri arrived and greeted Rasulullah Sal’am: “Assalamu Alayka ya Rasulullah.”
From inside the room of the grave I heard a voice replying: “Wa Alaykumsalaam ya Aba Bakr.” All those in the immediate vicinity also heard this reply.

Story No. 16: (Episode)
Hazrat Yousuf bin Ali Rah relates: “In Madina there lived a woman from the Hashimi family whose servants used to ill-treat her. She went with her complaints to Rasulullah Sal’am where she poured out her heart. From the grave was heard this reply:
“Do you not prefer to follow my excellent example.
Have patience as I patiently preserved”
She said: “After hearing that voice all my grief disappeared and all the servants who used to annoy me passed away.”

Story No. 17: (Episode)
Hazrat Ali R.A. relates: “Shortly after the burial of Rasulullah Sal’am a bedouin came to the grave and said: “O Rasulullah Sal’am we have indeed heard all that you came to convey and whatever Allah had revealed to you did you preserve and so did we. Indeed in that book, which Allah revealed to you do I find this verse?
“And when they were unjust to themselves, they come unto thee and ask Allah’s forgiveness; and the Rasul had asked forgiveness for them; they would have found Allah indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surah Nisaa-64)

Story No. 18: (Episode)
Hazrat Abdullah bin Salaam R.A. narrates: “While Hazrat Uthman R.A. was besieged in his house by his enemies I once went to greet him there. He said to me: “Dear brother it is good that you have come. Through that window I have seen Rasulullah Sal’am in a vision and he said to me: “O Uthman I notice that men have detained you in your home. They have let you suffer thirst without water.” I replied: “Yes sire, they have.” Rasulullah Sal’am then hung down a pail of water from which I drank- the coolness of which I still feel between my shoulder blades and my breast. Thereafter Rasulullah Sal’am said: “If you so desire then you will be assisted in combat against them, and if you so wish you may come and break fast with us this evening.” I then expressed my desire to meet the Holy Rasul.”
That same day Hazrat Uthman R.A. was killed. May Allah be pleased with him.

Story No. 19: (Episode)
In Mecca there once lived a man called Hazrat Ibn Thabit Rah. He used to perform Haj every year and thereafter he used to travel to Madina for ziyaarat. This he did for seventy consecutive years. It so happened that for some reason he once could not go for ziyaarat to Madina. While sitting in his room one day, lightly asleep, he saw Rasulullah Sal’am saying to him in a vision: “O Ibn Thabit, this year you did not come to meet me, for this reason I have now come to visit you.” (Al Haawee)

Story No. 20: (Episode)
During the Khilafat of Hazrat Umar R.A. Madina was troubled by great draught and hunger. A certain man presented himself at the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am saying: “O Rasulullah Sal’am your ummat is suffering destruction. Beseech Allah that rain descend from the heaven.”
Thereupon he saw Rasulullah Sal’am in a dream in which Rasulullah Sal’am said to him: “Convey my salaams to Umar and tell him rain will come. Tell him also he holds on to intelligence and reason.”
The man conveyed the message to hazrat Umar R.A. when he heard the message hazrat Umar R.A. wept bitterly and exclaimed: “Allah as much as is in my power I try not to be unmindful.” (Wafaul-Wafa)

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