Visitors to the Holy Tomb Part 1

Chapter 09 - The Aadaab for the Ziyaarat, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Monday, November 8th, 2010

Due to my own weakness I could not fully write the proper aadaab of the presence at Madina. However these points should serve as guide and I appeal to readers to overlook shortcomings. In my humble manner have I tried to stress two things while remaining inside the circle of the Shari’ah.

Firstly, honor and respect and secondly keenness and enthusiasm. It is now my intention to end this chapter with some incidents and stories about visitors to the Holy Tomb of Rasulullah Sal’am so that these may serve as examples to intending visitors. The famous story of Hazrat Utbah Rah, and some others have already been mentioned.

Story No. 1: (Episode)
Hazrat Uwais Qarni Rah was a famous Taabi’ee who was known as the best of Taabi’een (those who met the Sahaba, companions of Rasulullah Sal’am). He lived during Rasulullah Sal’am’s lifetime but because he had to serve his mother he could not meet Rasulullah Sal’am. Rasulullah Sal’am himself called him; ‘The best of the Taabi’een’ and said to him: “If he should take an oath that something should happen then Allah will let that come to pass.” And “If anyone should meet him, let him pray for your forgiveness.” To hazrat Umar R.A. and Hazrat Ali R.A. Rasulullah Sal’am said: “Let Uwais pray for forgiveness on your behalf.”
His virtues are great. He died in the Battle of Siffeen fighting on the side of Hazrat Ali R.A.
When he came to Madina after Haj he entered the Masjid where someone pointed out to him the resting-place of Raslulullah Sal’am. Beholding it he became so deeply affected that he fell down unconscious. On regaining his senses he exclaimed: “Take me forth from this city for never will I find rest in this place where lies buried the most beloved Rasul of Allah.” (Ithaaf)

Story No. 2: (Episode)
Once one of the bedouins visited the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am and said: ‘O Allah you have commanded that slaves be set free. Here lies your most beloved messenger and here stands your slave at the final resting-place of Your Messenger. I beseech you, set free this humble slave from the fire of Hell. From the unseen came a voice: “For yourself alone did you ask freedom. Why not on behalf of all mankind? We have you free from Hell.” (Mawaahib)

Story No.3 : (Episode)
Hazrat Asma-ee Rah relates: “Once a bedouin stood in front of the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am saying: “O Allah, here lies Your beloved, I am Your slave and Shaytaan is Your enemy. If You forgive me Your beloved here shall be pleased. Your slave will be successful, and the heart of Your enemy will be in great agitation. My Lord if You do not forgive me the heart of Your beloved shall grieve, your enemy shall be overjoyed and Your slave here will have been vanquished. O Allah it is a custom among the Arabs that whenever a great ruler among them pass away, they used to set free slaves besides his grave. Now Lord here lies the lord among leaders and rulers and here stand I, Your slave. Set me free O Allah from the fire of Hell.”
Hazrat Asma-ee Rah says further: “Hearing all that, I said to that person: “O Allah, for that most appropriate question and the manner of asking Allah will surely forgive your sins.” (Mawaahib)

Story No.4: (Episode)
Hazrat Hasan al Basri Rah says: “Haatim Asam Balkhy was an ascetic soofi who secluded himself in a vault for thirty years. He did not speak to anyone except when it was of dire necessity. When he visited the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am in Madina he merely said: “O Allah, we have come to the grave of your beloved. Do not send us away from here with desires unfulfilled.” A voice was heard from heaven saying: “Indeed have We only granted you the favor of visiting the grave of My beloved so that your greatest be granted. Go forth now. We have forgiven your and your companions and all those are present here.” (See Zurqani on Mawaahib)

Story No.5: (Episode)
In “Qowl Badeeh” it is reported that Shaikh Ibrahim bin Hazrat Shayban Rah said: “When I visited Madina after performing Haj, I said Assalamo alaykum at the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am and behold I heard a voice in reply from the inside of the room wherein he is buried saying “Waalaykum salaam.”

Story No.6 : (Episode)
Hazrat Allama Qastalani Rah the famous scholar of Hadith writes in his book Mawaahib Ladunni: “Once I became so severely ill that doctors despaired for my health. For many years I remained thus. then one day on the 28th of Jamadil Ula 893 A.H. while in Mecca I prayed to Allah through the waseelah of Rasulullah Sal’am that Allah heal me of my affliction. While I was asleep I saw a vision in which I saw a man with a piece of paper in his hand on which was written: “Rasulullah Sal’am has commanded that this medicine be given to Ahmad bin Qastalani.” When I awoke I discovered that no sign of my illness remained.”
Hazrat Allama Qastalani Rah further relates: “During the year 885 A.H. another such incident happened to me. On my return from visiting the holy grave of Rasulullah Sal’am my maid-servant seriously hurt in a collision with a deer as a result of which she suffered great pain and discomfort. Seeing this I prayed through the wasselah of Rasulullah Sal’am for her health and soon after I had a dream in which I saw a man by whose side was a Jinn in the form of a deer. It was that deer which had hurt my servant. The man said to me: “Rasulullah Sal’am has sent him to you.” I then scolded the Jinn and made him swear never to do such a thing again. Thereafter I awoke and behold. I found that no sign of the maid’s affliction remained.”

Story No. 7: (Episode)
Hazrat Ibrahim Khawaas Rah relates: “Once on a journey I suffered such thirst that while traveling I fell unconscious. While in that state someone threw water on my face. When I regained my senses I beheld a very handsome man on horseback. He gave me water to drink and bade me to join him on his horse. I accepted his offer. Having gone a short distance he turned to me asking: “What place is this?” I replied: “This is the enlightened city of Madina.” He said: Descend now and when you reach the holy grave of Rasulullah Sal’am say to him that your brother Khidr sends his choicest salaams and greetings. (Rowda)

Story No. 8: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Khair al Aqta Rah said: “Once on a visit to Madina I suffered such hunger that for five days I had absolutely nothing to eat. I could not even find something to taste.
I went to the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am and having greeted the Master and his two companions I said to Rasulullah Sal’am: “O Rasulullah tonight it is my desire to be your guest.” Having said that I proceeded towards the mimbar and went to sleep behind it. In my sleep I saw a vision of Rasulullah Sal’am sitting with Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A. in front of him. Hazrat Ali R.A. called me and said: “Look, Rasulullah Sal’am has arrived.” “I rose and Rasulullah Sal’am gave me a piece of bread in my hand. I ate half of it. I woke up from that sleep I discovered that I still had the other half of that bread in my hand.” (Rowd & Wafa)
A similar incident of Shaikh Ibn Jalaa is related in Story No. 23.

Story No. 9: (Episode)
Once one of the Abdal met Hazrat Khidr A.S and inquired from him whether he had ever met anyone among the saints whom he considered higher in rank than himself. To this he replied: “Yes, I have.” I was present once in the Masjid in Madina where I saw Hazrat Shaikh Abdur Razzak Rah dictating Hadith to his students. On one side was a young man sitting with his head bent on his knees. I went to him and addressed him thus: “do you not see the gathering listening to the words of Rasulullah Sal’am. Why do you not join them?”
Without lifting up his head or turning in my direction the youth answered: “Over there you see those who listen to Hadith from the mouth of Abdur Razzak (slave of the sustainer), while over here you see him who listens to hadith directly from the Razzak (Allah)
Hazrat Khidr Rah said: “If what you say is true then you should be able to tell me who I am m who am I?”
He lifted up his head and said: “If my intuition does not fail me then you are Khidr Rah.” Hazrat Khidr Rah said: “From that I realized that among the saints of Allah there are such who are so exalted in rank that I cannot recognize them.”
May Allah be please with them and cause us all to benefit through them -Ameen.

Story No. 10: (Episode)
One saintly person relates: “Once in Madina we were discussing the miracles Allah caused to take place at the hands of those souls who are close to him. Near us a blind person was sitting listening to us, coming towards us he said: “I greatly enjoy your discussion. Listen to this story of mine. I am a person with the responsibility of feeding a family. I used to go in the direction of Baqi to fetch firewood. There on one occasion I saw a young man. Seeing him I thought to myself that perhaps he was mad. I wanted to rob him of his robe and ordered him to take it off. He refused saying: “Go away, go in Allah’s care.” Three times did I order him to do that and he then said: “Do you seriously want to rob me of my robe?” I replied: “You have no other choice. I shall take it by force.” Thereupon he pointed two fingers in the direction of my eyes and immediately both my eyes sprang out of their sockets and fell to the ground. Greatly perplexed and sorry I said: “For Allah’s sake tell me who you are? ” He replied: “I am Ibrahim Khawas.”
Here we see one saint cursed the man, which made him blind another saint, hazrat Ibrahim Adham Rah on the other hand made duaa that the soldier who beat him be granted Jannah. The writer of Rowd explains the difference between the manner of retaliation of the two saints. Hazrat Ibrahim Khawas R.A. realized that his attacker would not repent unless he was punished, whereas Hazrat Ibrahim Adham Rah knew that his attacker would not repent unless he made duaa for him. In these ways both of them we helped unless towards repentance. (When the soldier came to hazrat Ibrahim Adham R.A. to seek forgiveness) he was told: “The head that require forgiveness I have left behind in Balkh.” (Rowd)

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