Visit to the Sacred City Of Madina

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts / Friday, November 13th, 2009

Next to Hajj the highest pre-eminence and the greatest blessings lie in paying a visit to the most sacred mausoleum of the greatest Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him), the beloved Messanger of Allah (Peace be upon him). The love and respect to the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him), in fact, stands as the prerequisites of Iman and as such one must feel natural urge as well towards the fact that on reaching the sacred territories one does not come back without paying a visit to the Holy Mausoleum. Furthermore, attendance before the sacred mausoleum and Praying Darood-o-Salam in front there of bear so great a reward and blessing that cannot be possibly achieved by paying Darood-o-Salam from far off places.

The Messanger of Allah (Peace be upon him) said, “For one who paid a visit to my grave, my intercession became necessary for him “(Zubda).

He said, “One who paid me a visit and his aim was exclusively to visit me, he proved his claim that I intercede him on the day of Resurrection” (Zubda).

He said, “One who pays as visit to my grave after my demise is like one who pays a visit to me in my life ” (Zubda).

Hence, is there any Muslim who, without any excuse, may come back having been deprived of this great bliss?

Rule Of Action
For a person who is under obligation of a ‘Fardh Hajj’ it is better to perform his Hajj at first and then to pay a visit to Madina. Otherwise, it is discretionary whether a person first pays a visit to Madina and performs Hajj thereafter or his Hajj performance is followed by his visit to Madina (Zubda).

Some Of The Manners For A Visit To Madina
When you start proceeding towards Madina, keep repeating Darood Sharif often on the way and when you catch a sight of the tress of Madina, repeat Darod Sharif even more often. When the buildings of the city come in sight repeat the following invocation after Darood Sharif

“O Allah ! This is the sacred precinct of your Prophet (Peace be upon him) ; so make it a protection for me against Hell fire and a security against torment and ill account.”

It is Mustahab that before entering Madina you take a bath or at least make an ablution. You should puton clean clothes and neat dress whatever available, far better if it is new. Some perfume may also be used. Before entering the city you should start walking on foot. Enter the city with great humility and humbleness while considering the magnificence of the city.
On entering the sacred city of Madina this invocation should be repeated :-

“O My Lord ! enter me here rightfully and take me out rightfully ; from thine own presence make for me a protector and helper. O Allah ! Open the gates of thy mercy for me and grant me through the visit to Thy Messenger (Peace be upon him) whatever Thou granted to Thy friends and obedient persons ; and grant me forgiveness and have mercy on me, O the best of all whom a request can be made. make me disdainful towards unlawfulness through Thy lawfullness and towards Thy disobedience through Thy obedience and towards whatever is there besides Thou through Thy grace, and enlighten my heart and my grave. O Allah ! I ask Thee for every good, the immediately approaching good and the delayed one whatever is in my knowledge and whatever I do not know.”

I beseech Thy protection against all evils whatever is in my knowledge and whatever I do not know. O Allah ! confer upon me the most of Thy subsistence at the time of my old age and near the end of my life ; render the end of my age as the best of my life and last act of mine as the best of all my actions and make the day of my meeting with Thee as the best of all my days.”

Thus you should enter the city very respectfully with a vigilant beart and recollecting in mind the fact that this is the piece of land whereupon the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) once used to place his sacred steps.

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