Valentine’s Day Today

Beliefs & Practices, In the Name of Love / Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Today young Muslims, both boys and girls participate in these celebrations. These celebrations are popularised at homes, colleges, universities, offices through TV, radio, dramas, musical shows, films  and dirty literature and so the lustful desires in these young Muslims are not only inflamed but they are also taught new modes of shamelessness. Also becoming common are restaurants promoting Valentine’s Day dinners, hotels offering balls, and stores advertising flowers, chocolates, and other gifts. It is a pity that the male-female relation is given a very shameless image in all this ‘love’ fever.

These illicit couples are seen imitating love scenes from movies, going out on romantic dates and attending valentine parties. Schools too hold such parties for their students. Thus even young children are fed with ideas of growing lusty feelings and expressing them boldly. On this day, in our country (an Islamic country) musical concerts are held which become a source of disgrace, and the girls and boys attending them are convinced into wearing red coloured clothes. By the way, Jewish art attributes the red colour to the Devil. And certainly the devil teaches such immodesty which is displayed by the youth wearing red clothes in the celebration of this event.

Allah SWT says: “Satan frightens you with poverty, and bids you to commit indecency.” (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:268)

Let us reflect upon the fact that this is all against the Islamic traditions. Or else if we, blindfolded keep on treading the footsteps of the disbelievers, the matter would exceed to such an extent that we will be unable to control it.  Then, it won’t be surprising that a time may come where we won’t be able to save our children even if we want to; even if we want to draw back from this path, we will fail to find a way back.

The enthusiasts of the western civilisation’s pseudo intellectuals proclaim that this is only a means to express our love. So what is wrong in that?

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