Umme Salamah radiyallâhu ‘anhâ

Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 7 - Lives of Pious Women and Characteristics of Women, Women & Family / Thursday, March 31st, 2011

She is also the wife of Rasûlullâh sallallâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam. A woman relates an incident and says: “Once I was in the company of Umme Salamah. After a little while, many poor persons came to her. There were men and women among them. They all stood there (demanding something). So I said to them: ‘Go away from here.’ Upon this, Umme Salamah said: ‘We have not been commanded this. O girl! Give each of them something even if it means giving them one dry date.'” Her first husband was Abû Salamah radiyallâhu ‘anhu.

Lesson: She did not become annoyed by the demands of the poor persons. Today, women produce feeble excuses and some of them go to the extent of cursing and abusing beggars. O women! Don’t ever do this.

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