Tranquility through Deprivation

Akhlaq & Spirituality, Striding in Allah’s Shade - Enriching Lives / Thursday, November 6th, 2008

When Allah seizes some precious possession from a believer and deprives him of it, the last thing to ensue would be his getting disheartened. A firm believer’s condition would actually not change! Infact, all in and out tranquility reins him. An illustration for this can be when a cherished friend of yours takes your belongings to Quetta, and you too have to leave Karachi to settle in Quetta for good. You even know that your friend who has taken your luggage to Quetta is a very wise man, and has also assured you: “My friend, I’m taking your possessions to Quetta and before you even arrive there, it will be increased manifold.” So what do you think, would you be perturbed or would you be content? Very content, indeed. Voicing the verity in honour of your friend: What a good fellow he is, who reduced my burden; in addition, he is also going to boost my assets multiple times over.

So when Allah is remembered then if Allah takes away a son, Allah takes away health, Allah takes away wealth, Allah takes away any other blessing; this person says its my Allah, He has taken it, to keep it secure and return it in the Hereafter which is the permanent abode. What is more: not only returning it as it is but indisputably many times it. Not hopeless and uneasy but certainly very tranquil and satisfied, for has not Allah alleviated my burden?

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