Those conditions when ghusl is wajib [obligatory]

Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 1-Beliefs & Laws of Tahara / Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Those conditions when ghusl is wajib [obligatory]

  1. A disbeliever accepts Islam and while he was in the state of kufr he experienced hadath-e-akbar. He did not have a bath, or if he did, it was not considered to be a valid ghusl in Islam. After accepting Islam, ghusl will become wajib on him.

  2. If a person reaches puberty before the age of fifteen and he experiences his first wet dream. As a precaution, ghusl will be wajib on him. If he has any wet dreams after this or after the age of fifteen, ghusl will be fardh.

  3. To give a bath to the dead body of a Muslim is fardh-e-kifayah.

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  1. salam sir i have a problem that when i talk 2 girl i get water from my penis little little what is the solution 4 this and do i need ghusl when i get that water….?? plz answer me plz plz plz plz is it is harmfull??

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