Fiqh, Kitaab us Salaat / Saturday, September 13th, 2008

1. Not performing a condition from one of the outside conditions of namaaz (shart)

2. Not performing a fard element of namaaz

3. To talk in namaaz whether intentionally or by mistake (forgetfulness)

4. To make a dua in the namaaz similar to the dua of common people for example: O Allah marry me to fulaana. Or to say Oh Allah give me apples to eat I’m hungry.

5. To return salaams to someone with your tongue or shaking hands

6. Amali katheer-performing such an action by which an observer has the impression that one is certainly not performing namaaz

7. Turning the chest away from the qiblah.

8. Eating anything (by inserting from the outside) or drinking anything whether it is a little or a lot whether it is meant to be an eatable thing or not.

9. Eating anything stuck in between the teeth and it is the size of a pea.

10. Clearing the throat without excuse

11. Saying “uf”

12. Saying “ah”

13. Saying “uh”

14. Crying aloud because of some difficulty not because of the fear of hell

15. The uncovering of the aurat of a person during the namaaz the length of time it would take to perform a fard act (three subhanallahs)

16. Finding najas on the body or clothes of the one praying or on the place that he was praying

17. Insanity

18. Unconsciousness

19. When the sunrises while you are praying fajr

20. The sun passing the zenith (zawwal) during the two eids

21. The time of asr entering when you are praying jumuah

22. When the one that did tayammum finds water the amount he can use to do wudhu

23. Deliberately breaking one’s wudhu or its breaking beyond one’s control

24. Prolonging the hamza in the takbeer

25. To read from the quran (by looking in the book)

26. Performing a fard of namaaz while sleeping and don’t repeat that fard when you wakeup

27. For a sahib e tarteeb to recall any missed salaat

28. When the imam appoints someone to be imam and the person is not qualified

29. Going outside of the masjid thinking the wudhu has broken

30. Praying not in a masjid and thinking your wudhu has broken you pass in front of the rows of the people praying

31. To laugh aloud in namaaz

32. The removal of your leather socks that you did masah on while you are praying

33. When a follower precedes his imam in performing a fard and at no time does the imam catch-up to him.

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