Fiqh, Kitaab us Salaat / Saturday, September 13th, 2008

1. To look out of the corner of your eyes left and right without turning your head.

2. To pray facing the Holy Quran.

3. To pray toward a man who’s back is to you and he is sitting talking to someone else.

4. To pray facing a candle or a lamp.

5. To repeat the same surah in both rakaats of a nafl namaaz.

6. To wipe dirt or grass from your forehead after finishing namaaz.

7. To wipe dirt or grass from your forehead during namaaz when it will disturb your concentration

8. To pray facing a hanging sword

9. To prostrate on a sheet or carpet with a picture of something with a soul and but you don’t prostrate on the picture.

10. To kill a snake or scorpion even if requires several blows and even if you turn your face from the qiblah

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