The World of Islam Today Part 02

Beliefs & Practices / Sunday, April 4th, 2010

So far as the West is concerned it can never be genuinely sincere or sympathetic towards Islamic countries. Its malevolence is, partly, the outcome of history with memories of the Crusades and the bloody and long-drawn outstrifes between the Ottoman Empire and European nations still fresh in politicians’ minds. It is also partly dictated by common sense for the Muslim World, alone, possesses the potential strength and capability to constitute a danger to the universal ascendancy of the West or to confront it with a new Power Block based on a different philosophy of life and a call that transcends limitations of race and geography. It is strengthened, further, by the realization of the worth and importance of the vast mineral wealth and other natural resources lying within Muslim lands all of which can be of decisive consequence for the West, both economically and strategically. Finally, there is the traditional weakness of human nature that when a person is afflicted with an incurable disease he, sometimes, begins to derive a sort of morbid satisfaction from his desire, that others may become like him so that there can be nothing to distinguish the healthy from the sick. Those who can remain immune from this failing or overcome it successfully are those endowed with a genuine fear of God and love for humanity, but these noble qualities can be developed only through the teachings of the Holy Prophets. This wealth was, sadly, lost by the West ages ago.

The entire history of the West’s rise shows that the countries that came under its sway could scarcely save themselves from catching the infection of moral debasement that Western empire-builders invariably carried with them. As some of the more honest and objective Western scholars themselves have admitted, movements for the propagation of agnostic were deliberately set afloat by Western Imperialists in Eastern countries as part of their political policy. However apathetic the West is towards Christianity and to whatever limits of irreligiousness its craze for rationalism and free thinking may have reached at home, all its broadmindedness and liberality evaporates into thin air when it comes to the World of Islam. The Christian West can forgive the Jews, but not the Muslims. Anti-Muslim sentiments have become a part of its being. Innumerable instances can be cited to show that in the event of a quarrel between a Muslim and a non-Muslim country the West takes the side of the non-Muslim countries either openly or through subterfuge. The Arab-Israeli war for example proved conclusively that no Muslim state or community can afford to rely on the friendship of a Western power.

Muslims then must learn to depend solely on God and on their own strength in whatever they do. The leaders of Muslim countries ought to realize that whatever good reckless imitation of the West may do them for the time being it will ultimately rock the foundations of the Islamic Millat and bring it to ruin.

Inspite of all their faults and shortcomings, the vital religious feeling, the readiness to strive and suffer in the cause of God and the spirit of earnestness, fidelity and love that have become extinct among the materialistic nations of the West can still be seen in Islamic countries. The Muslim peoples, their appalling ignorance and backwardness notwithstanding, are the raw material from which the finest models of humanity can be made. Their greatest asset is their Faith, their simplicity, earnestness and enthusiasm. In the past, Muslims have worked wonders by drawing upon these matchless reservoirs of power and, in moments of crisis, it is these very qualities that have come to the rescue of Islamic countries. Even from a purely utilitarian point of view, the rulers of Muslim countries should appreciate the latent spiritual vitality of their people and regard it as a most valuable instrument for the defense of national freedom and solidarity. A vitality, which can also enable them to play a role worthy of their great past, on the stage of history. But, thanks to the all-pervading curse of Westernization, the Muslim masses are being robbed of their spiritual vigor and they are developing a moral cancer against which nothing can avail.

Talking into consideration the irrefutable educational and industrial superiority of the West, there are only two courses open to Muslims. One is that they make a complete submission to it, accept its philosophy of life, its concept of the universe and its spiritual convictions and ethical standards in toto and try to cast their entire existence into its mound. Such a course, however, apart from the fact that it will amount to gross apostasy, moral and intellectual hara-kiri and the shameless betrayal of humanity whose only hope of redemption rests with this very community, raised up as it was, by the last of the Prophets, can only end up in relentless bloodshed and chaos within the Islamic fraternity. It would be like pulling down a well-conditioned building in the absurd hope of raising upon its ruins a structure for which neither the right kind of technical skill nor building materials are available and which will neither be suited to the climate of the place nor be in harmony with the environment. Whenever such an attempt has been made in the Islamic world it has resulted in failure. The Muslim masses have firmly rejected it as soon as an opportunity to freely express their opinions has come their way. The same is happening in Turkey today and is going to happen soon in Syria and Iraq too.

The other course for Muslims lies in making the fullest use of the physical sciences and technology of the West by learning them wholeheartedly and then subordinating them by means of their own intelligence and industry to the lofty purposes which the last of the Holy Prophets bequeathed to them by virtue of which they have won the distinction of being proclaimed as the Best of the People. This happy co-ordination of ends and means, from an absence of which both the West and East are suffering at present, can alter the destiny of the world. It can save it from impending annihilation and put it back on the road to progress and felicity. The West has all the resources in the world but it is devoid of a healthy sense of purpose; the Muslim East is endowed with the soundest of aims and ideals but is very backward materially. As we have said earlier, this laudable task can be accomplished by no other people than the Muslims who are the successors of the last of the Apostles of God and the sole inheritors of his Message. The slogan of the Muslims, all over the world, should now be:

They tyranny of the West has laid the world to waste.

Arise, O Architect of the Harem, to build it again.

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