The Training Principles

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Monday, February 22nd, 2010

One of the important tasks for the Department of Propagation & Information is to prepare the material for the training of their members specially and for all the Muslims generally, with the aim of strengthening their beliefs and adherence to the principals and objectives of the Jihad Movements.

In this regard a compulsory course should be devised for the members of the organisation and no one should be exempted. This course should be taught and instructed with full vigour so that it becomes a part and parcel of the participants’ personality. This course could have many facets according to the different circumstances and times.

The following is a draft of this course as a guide for those who will be responsible for devising it:

1. Tafseer of the Surah Al Anfaal and the Surah Al Braa’t.

2. Compilation of the forty Ahadeeth with their meanings and explanations.

3. Concise but complete Islamic history.

4. Compilation of the true events and the deeds of the Jihad of the honoured Sahabah RadhialLahu-`anhu and the pious predecessors.

5. Islamic theology.

6. Compilation of the Revered Sunnah of Allah’s Last Rasool SallalLahu-alayhi Wasallam in every sphere of the Muslim’s life. And the compilation of the prayers of Allah’s Last Rasool SallalLahu-alayhi Wasallam.

7. Islamic morality and ethics.

8. Atlas of the present day world, the details of all the Islamic and the non-Islamic countries, their boundaries, geography, population and religions and any further necessary information.

9. A brief introduction of the present day Jihad Movements.

10. Introduction of the great Muslim personalities of the near past and the present.

For such a course, existing books could be selected or new books could be compiled. This course includes all the subjects which are essential for every rank and file member of the Jihad Movements.

Apart from this general course, there should be a special course compiled by the Department of Propagation & Information, for the training centres for the Mujahideen, for the various Departments, for the launching camps and for the battle front. In addition to the compilation of these courses there should be provision made for the enforcement of these courses.

These special courses should include from the learning of the Holy Quraan by heart, to the military strategy. The Daily Five Prayers in congregation, the special night prayers of Tahajjud, the early morning recital of the Holy Quraan, the collective performance of the Zikr, and the physical training, ought to be enforced in every office and camp.

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