Fiqh, Kitaab us Salaat / Saturday, September 13th, 2008

1. When it is raining very hard.

2. When it is very cold and you think you will become sick or your sickness will increase.

3. When there is too much mud on the route to the masjid.

4. When it is very dark.

5. When the wind blows very hard at night.

6. When you are sick.

7. If you are blind.

8. When you are old and don’t have enough strength to walk to the masjid.

9. When you have to attend to someone who is sick.

10. When you have a strong urge to go to the toilet.

11. When you are in prison.

12. When one or both of your legs are cut off.

13. When you are sick and you don’t have enough strength to walk to the masjid like any cripple or lame person.

14. When food is present and you have a strong desire to eat it. So if you don’t eat it now your concentration in namaaz will be spoiled.

15. When you preparing to travel.

16. When you are afraid your money or property will be stolen or lost if you attend the jamaat.

17. When going to the masjid will cause you to miss your train or plane.

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