The Sign of Allah Being There In Our Lives

Akhlaq & Spirituality, Striding in Allah’s Shade - Enriching Lives / Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Moreover, the sign of Allah being there in our lives is that come what may, first and foremost the attention goes onto Him alone. Like a child who gets hurts while playing round the avenue and cries out for his mother (although his mother is nowhere near him at the spot). But this is because it is subscribed there in his heart that my safe haven is my mother. Likewise, a Momin too immediately calls out onto Allah, goes in Sajdah, rings the call and makes a connection. That is also what the customs of our predecessors portray that where they heard lightening and thunder strike, they used to assemble in the masjids. Where they foresaw a mishap, they went into prostration. Where they had a storm in their lives they started knocking at the door of their merciful Lord.

However, look at us today, instead of having the mind foremost on Allah, it generally goes onto Him in the last. When all our struggles fail and we are certain that no worldly pursuit can bring forth a fine result then we say, “Now Allah will do it”. After getting hopeless from the world over, we last of all come to the court that has the key to all our ills and miseries. What a pity indeed.

Well, so is the case of the polytheists. That when they get hopeless from all their idols, then they say, “Now Allah will harbour our boat. Now our sinking boat can not be saved by anyone else but Him”.

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