Chapter 1, Hadith & Seerah, The Authority of Sunnah / Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Referring to the battle of Uhud at another occasion, the Holy Quran says,

“And when Allah promised you that, one of the two groups shall be for you.” (8:7)

One of the two parties referred to in this verse was the commercial caravan of Abu Sufyan, coming from Syria,
and the other group was the army of the Makkan disbelievers, led by Abu Jahl. The above verse says that Allah had promised the believers that they would triumph over one of these two groups. The Muslims, in fact, won the battle against the latter, namely the army of Abu Jahl.

The point worth consideration here is that the promise of Allah to give the Muslims victory against any of the two groups is not there in the Holy Quran. This promise was conveyed to the Muslims by the Holy Prophet (SAWS) without any reference to any verse of the Holy Quran. Still the verse quoted above attributes the promise to Allah, and not to the Holy Prophet (SAWS).

The only conclusion derivable from this is that the promise was received by the Holy Prophet (SAWS) through an ‘unrecited revelation’. Hence, it is attributed to Allah. Guided by this revelation, the Holy Prophet (SAWS) conveyed the promise to his companions.

Thus, it is another proof of the existence of a kind of revelation which is not contained in the Holy Quran and is called the ‘unrecited revelation’.

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