Chapter 1, Hadith & Seerah, The Authority of Sunnah / Sunday, August 17th, 2008

These are sixteen verses, which affirm not only the existence of the ‘unrecited revelation’ but also its reliability and authenticity, and its binding nature. It is not intended here to produce all the material available in the Holy Quran to establish this kind of revelation. The purpose was to give some examples only, which has, perhaps, been substantially served. But before proceeding further, it will be useful to recollect and summarize the conclusions that stand proved in the light of the Holy Quran as discussed above:

(1) The function of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) like other prophets is not only to convey the divine Book. He is also to teach the Book, to teach the wisdom and to make people pure by training them practically.

(2) The ‘Obedience of the Holy Prophet (SAWS)’, is as necessary as the obedience of Allah; because the latter has always been mentioned in the Holy Quran combined with the former.

(3) ‘The Obedience of the Holy Prophet (SAWS)’ in practical terms is ‘the obedience of Allah’; and the latter cannot be carried out except through the former.

(4) The Muslims are bound not only to obey the Holy Prophet (SAWS), but they are also under an obligation to follow him.

(5) Whatever the Holy Prophet (SAWS) says or does in his capacity of a Messenger is always based on, or confirmed by, a revelation from Allah.

(6) This revelation is sometimes contained in the Holy Quran and called the recited revelation, and sometimes it is sent down in addition to the Holy Quran, and the same is termed as ‘unrecited revelation’.

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