Quran & Tafseer / Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Each Surah of the Holy Quran is divided into several sections known as Rukus. A Ruku consists of a number of
aayats all of which deal with one topic. There are 540 Rukus in The Holy Quran.

The Rukus of The Holy Quran were not to be found in the time of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam, nor in the time of the Sahaaba radhiyallahu anhum.

Around the 4th century of the Hijri calendar the Ulema of Bukhara, Russia divided the entire Quran into 540 Rukus for Taraaweeh purposes.

They reckoned that if one Ruku is recited in each raka’at of the Taraaweeh salaah the Hafiz will finish the Quran exactly on the 27th night of Ramadaan. The equation is as follows:

1 ruku per raka’at x 20 raka’ats = 20 Rukus per night x 27 nights = 540 rukus.

When devising these Rukus the Ulema made sure that Rukus contained aayats of the same topic and theme.

They named it Ruku because the Hafiz goes into ruku after reciting it in one raka’at of Taraaweeh salaah.

NOTE: It is not wajib or necessary to make ruku after reading a ruku in Taraaweeh or any other salaah. One can make ruku at the end of any aayat. These Rukus were formulated simply to ease matters for the hafiz during Taraaweeh.


  1. I read the article of Mr.hassan sulaiman(article 151)2008/1/29 disscussed on the rukus of the holy quran.I found it really intresting,but would you please let me know how the quran divided to 540 ruku?ie what are the exact places of stops or rukus?for example yhe first on the 7th verse of bagharah etc.I would be appreciated if you mail me at your earliest convinience.
    Nazila Zarghi

  2. As the article states, Rukus were marked by later time ulemas for facilitating Tarawih prayers. Also, the Quran verses included in each of the 540 rukus deal with separate topics. I think only a Hafez would know in which exact spots do are the different 540 rukus placed. However, I think it’s a good idea as it also facilitates the daily reading of the Glorious Quran.

  3. Actually there are 558 Rukus in the Quran and not 540. I have not come across any Quran with 540 Rukus. Yes the Quran is read in 540 rakats of Traweeh, but certainly does not mean it has 540 Rukus.

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