The psycological preparation of the probable consequences of the Jihad

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Friday, March 12th, 2010

Whenever Muslims enter into the Jihad with the Blessings and the Help of Allah, then immediately many a diverse consequences emerge. Therefore a Mujahid must always be psychologically and mentally prepared for them. Presently after the campaigns of the Jihad, an instant victory and the immediate establishment of the Khilafah is assumed as a fact.

We assume that as soon as we start the Jihad, we will be victorious immediately and as soon as we are victorious the Khilafat ul Rashidah will be established and the environment of piety and pure goodness will be enforced and upon every street and corner of the conquered land, the seal of Islam would be imprinted immediately. But when after the Jihad these assumptions are not materialised then suddenly the Anti-Jihad conversations rear their ugly heads, great numbers of people lose their hearts in the Jihad. The euphoria of the victory turns into dejection, some proclaimers of instant establishment of the Khilafat ul Rashidah after the Jihad, hide their faces with shame and guilt, and the Anti-Jihad supporters are provided with an opportunity for heralding their abuse against the Jihad and the Jihad Movements.

A clear example of such an event is Afghanistan. In 1992 when General Habibullah the communist backed puppet ruler was dethroned, the communist surrendered to the Mujahideen and handed over the rein of power to the Mujahideen, thus enabling the Mujahideen to enter Kabul and formed the government with few key positions in their hands, while the whole of the administrative establishment and the armed forces and the civil servants of the past regime remained intact.

There was no ethical or religious base for fighting and destroying the Uzbek Militia who handed the power to the Mujahideen, thus they remained armed to the teeth. Meanwhile small groups managed to occupy various sections of Kabul which were supported by the Iranian Regime. The whole of Afghanistan was in turmoil. The fourteen-year long bloody war has left Afghanistan fragmented and each part of Afghanistan was under the control of different armed factions. The whole of Afghanistan was sprinkled with land mines with the view of maiming and killing tens of thousands of Muslims. Six million of the population was forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. Russia’s crime against humanity has left millions of helpless and destitute widows, orphans and crippled citizens.

In such a grave and despondent situation it was vital that all the Mujahideen should have come together and co-operated fully with each other and the process of dismantling the communist administration would have been started and they would have formed cohesive internal policies. But soon after the surrender of Kabul to the Mujahideen, a section of the populace, gripped by their long suspended desire and enthusiasm for the establishment of the Khilafah, became disenchanted with the snail pace progress of the Mujahideen towards that goal.

Many a different and false accusations were directed against the Mujahideen. Such as “the streets of Kabul are filled with shameless women who do not cover themselves according to the Revered Sharee’ah”, or “Kabul is under the control of the Uzbek Militia of Rasheed Dustam and the Mujahideen are puppets in their hands”, or “all the government departments and offices are run by the communists” and so on. Thus these and similar unreal outbursts gave the opportunity to a faction to attack Kabul and opened the door of wretchedness which has not yet been closed.

After the start of this internecine war in Afghanistan, who did what, and what actually took place is a long story. During that period of this blind war, so many events took place that even the parties involved might not know themselves.

Indeed many excesses were committed. Broken promises, reneging on solemn commitments, bitter scenes, the heart breaking war between the various factions of the Mujahideen were witnessed. Many honoured and respected great personalities were defamed. Countless trusted and dignified people lost their positions and respect in the eyes of the Ummah.

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