The Power of Propaganda

Beliefs & Practices, Chapter 03, Islam & Modernism / Sunday, August 17th, 2008

The cleverest advocate of “Falsehood” was Goebbels, who spoke the Truth when he said that if “falsehood” is spread with full force the world starts taking it as the “truth”. Our modernists have also been following Goebbels’ adage so much so that even some of the very learned and balanced of mind people regard this slogan as true while it is just a false blame, cunningly produced by propaganda machines of modern time.

If, however, these people consider music and dance, nudity and obscenity, profligacy and immodesty, co-education, free inter mixing of men and women, usury in banking, and birth control as demands of time and means of progress, then indeed the religious scholars have openly opposed them, and they should have done so; they still do it and will continue doing it. We may be informed what logic and reason has ever claimed these things to be the demands of time? They must bring some logical argument to prove what relation material progress has with music and dances? Which is that progress that would stop without nudity and obscenity? What are the genuine obstacles in the way of promoting interest-free banking? How does co-education and free mixing of men and women help in science and technology?

The modernists may call music and dances, coeducation and mixed gatherings, etc. as the demands of time, but in view of the circumstances we sincerely believe that the greatest need and demand of the present time is that the Islamic world should totally eradicate these things with full might and power. This is because, the magnitude of the fatalities that has come to the forefront in the twentieth century was never witnessed before. The very Western intelligentsia itself is showing clear signs of extreme anxiety and restlessness on their premature but immoral and irrational social advancement. No literate person of the world can claim to be ignorant of this outcry that is echoing from the meeting chambers of Western thinkers as a result of social and moral ruin in their lives. The ‘modernist’ should, for God’s sake, decide for himself as to what really are the demands of time? Should it be that the Islamic world should march on the footsteps of the West and fall into the same abyss of moral degradation? Or should the Islamic world take lesson from the dreadful end of the West and save itself from this dangerous path forever?

The group of people who consider these curses of Western civilization as demands of time and means of progress call themselves as “Modernists” but it is strange that in the field of thoughts and deeds they are preaching the same outdated ideologies of the West which have not given anything but burnt scars all over the body. They know very well how rapidly the Western style of thinking is changing about their old views, and what the latest studies of philosophy and science are proving about these subjects? Take for example the problem of population. A very substantial number of modern economists are against limiting the family size and birth control. Having been impressed by their latest arguments such economists are constantly increasing in number, but our “Modernists” are still embracing Malthus’ outdated theory that has been thrown away by the march of time some two centuries ago. I do wish to quote here the views of Philosopher-Poet, Iqbal, who said:

‘Power of the West is not due to flutes and guitars, nor due to dances of veil less girls, nor due to the spell of their magical beauty, nor to their naked legs, nor to their trimmed hair styles. Their supremacy is not due to secularism, nor is their progress due to Latin script. Their power is due to science and technology. It is this fuel that is burning in their lamps. Wisdom does not lie in how your clothes are tailored, and the turban is no obstruction for science and technology”.

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