The Number Of Rakat In Jumah Prayer For Men And Women

Contemporary Fatawa, Fiqh / Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Q. “How many Rakat are sunnah muakkadah in jumah prayer? Is ther any difference between men and women in this respect? “

A.“It is obligatory for men to perform jumah prayer with jamaah the number of obligatory (Fard) salah of jumah is only two Rakat and six are to be performed after the congregational prayer is over .

As for women, the jumah prayer is not obligatory on them. They should offer their salah in their homes individually and should offer the normal Zuhr prayer instead of jumah The number of Rakat for them is the same as they perform at the time of zuhr, every day that is the four obligatory rakat and the six rakat as sunnah muakkadah four of which are to be performed before the Fard salah and two of them after it

The same number of rakat will be applicable to a man who has missed the jumah prayer in congregation and has no hope of getting the jamaah any where in the city In this case he too has to offer the zuhr prayer instead of jumah.

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  1. You mention “six are to be performed after the congregational prayer is over “. Can you be more specific, Like what type of sunnat rakat and it should be FOUR first then TWO or TWO first and then FOUR later ????

  2. But Allah Says in the Quran YA Ayuhallazina aamanu , means OH you “WHO BELIEVE” When you hear the call for prayer on Juma Leave all your works and rush to the masjid’s that is better for you , Allah never said oh you only men , Ayuhallazina Aamanu means believing men and women , so why wont we just respect what Allah teaches and make women pray at home ? can we go against the word of Allah ???? i am feeling so terrible with these inventions , we are sinners and Allah will not be pleased with any inventions that go against Quran , nomatter which person said it is only for adult men , the fact remains Allah said ” Ya Ayyuhallazina Aamanu ” in surat ul Jumaa

  3. The verses of the Quran are interpreted in the Light of the way of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) and His Sahaba (RA).
    Please consult a local Scholar for a detailed explanation of the Ayat and the ruling it implies instead of interpreting it yourself.

  4. yes,it is right to interpret the quran in the light of hadith and sayings of sahaba instead of layman like ourself. imtyaz alam patna

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