The mother of Mûsâ ‘alayhis salâm

Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 7 - Lives of Pious Women and Characteristics of Women, Women & Family / Monday, January 31st, 2011

Her name is Yûkhând. When the priests had informed Pharaoh that a boy will be born from among the Banû Isrâ’îl and will fight against his kingdom, Pharaoh issued an order whereby he instructed that all boys who are born to the tribe of Banû Isrâ’îl should be killed. Thousands of such boys were killed. Mûsâ ‘alayhis salâm was born in this volatile situation. Allah informed his mother by way of inspiration that she should continue breast-feeding him and that when she fears over his life, she should place him in a box and set him afloat in the river. And when We decide, We will send him back to you. Eventually, this is what she did and Allah also fulfilled all His promises.

Lesson: O women! Look at the high level of trust and conviction that she had in Allah and how the blessings of this trust manifested themselves.

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