The Method of Bringing up Children Part 3

Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 4-Nikah (Marriage) in Islam / Monday, October 4th, 2010

41. Teach them the etiquette and manners of eating, sitting and standing in gatherings. We will now enumerate a few of these etiquette:

The etiquette of eating
1. Eat with the right hand.
2. Read Bismillâh in the beginning.
3. Eat the food that is in front of you.
4. Do not commence eating before others.
5. Do not ogle or stare at the food.
6. Do not look at those who are eating.
7. Do not eat very quickly.
8. Chew the food well.
9. Do not take another morsel as long as the morsel that is in your mouth is not chewed and swallowed.
10. Do not allow the gravy and other liquids to drip onto the clothes.
11. The fingers should not be allowed to become too messy.

The etiquette of gatherings
1. Whoever you meet, meet with respect and speak kindly.
2. Do not spit in gatherings nor clean your nose. But if there is a need to do so, excuse yourself and go to another place.
3. If you have to yawn or sneeze, cover your mouth with your hands and try to muffle the sound.
4. Do not face your back towards anyone.
5. Do not face your feet towards anyone.
6. Do not sit by placing your hand under your chin.
7. Do not crack your fingers.
8. Do not look in the direction of anyone repeatedly and unnecessarily.
9. Remain seated with respect.
10. Do not speak excessively.
11. Do not take oaths over trivial matters.
12. As far as possible, do not commence with any conversation. When the other person speaks, listen attentively so that his spirits are not dampened. However, if it is a sinful conversation, do not listen. Either stop him, or leave that place.
13. As long as a person does not complete whatever he wishes to say, do not interrupt him.
14. If someone comes and wishes to sit in the gathering and there is no place, make way for that person and sit closely so that he may be able to get some place.
15. When you meet someone or bid them farewell, say As-salâmu ‘alaykum, and when replying to someone’s salaam, say Wa ‘alaykumus salâm. Do not utter other forms of greeting.

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