Hadith & Seerah, The Teachings of the Holy Prophet, The Ways of the Prophet (SAWS) / Friday, March 5th, 2010

Before ablution one should have a definite intention (NIYYAH) that he is performing ablution in order to perform Salaah (this enhances the blessings). One should sit at a raised place facing Qiblah so as to be safe from the spray of falling water then one should commence Wudu saying: (In the name of ALLAH Most Gracious, Most Merciful).

According to some traditions one should say:

1. In the name of ALLAH Most Glorious and praise be to ALLAH for the religion of Islam.

2. Then both hands upto the wrists should be washed three times.

3. Then the teeth and mouth should be cleaned with miswak (Tooth – stick). In case miswak is not available, the teeth should be rubbed with the forefinger and gargle three times in such a way that water reaches every part of the mouth (If one is fasting, one should not gargle in order to avoid water reaching the throat.

4. Then water should be snuffed up thrice and nostrils should be cleaned with the left hand. (If one is fasting, one should not snuff up water beyond the soft portion of the nose).

5. Then the face should be washed thrice from the forehead down to the lower portion of the chin and from the lobe of one ear to the other. water should flow on every part so as to reach under the eyebrows. While washing the face, one should pass fingers through the beard and this should be done by passing the fingers upwards beginning from under the chin.

6. Then the right hand should be washed upto the elbow and similarly the left hand should be washed upto the elbow each action being performed three times and fingers of one hand should be passed through the fingers of the other hand. If a woman is wearing ring or glass bangles, these should be moved so that no portion remains dry.

7. Then the entire head including the ears should be wiped with wet hands, the inner side of the ears should be wiped with the forefingers and the upper side should be wiped with the thumbs. Then the nape of the neck should be wiped with the back of the hands (The throat should not be wiped as this is forbidden). For wiping the ears it is not necessary to take clean water. Whatever water is left over after wiping the head is enough. [Tirmizi – Mishkat]

8. Then the right foot should be washed upto the ankles three times and similarly the left foot. The small finger of the left hand should be passed between the toes at the point of the feet; beginning with the right foot and ending on the left. [Bahishti Zewar]

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