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Every harm is the result of sins. Hence, the harms of masturbation proves that it is a sin. Why should it not be so when sins are the root of misfortune and the key to all vices. Ibne Qayyim (Rahmatullahi alaihi) says:

“The reason for every loss, misfortune and evil in this world and the hereafter is sin and opposing the Lawsand Commands of Allah Ta’ala. Moreover, sin destroys bounties and blessings as fire burns wood.” It is possible to divide the harms of this vile act as follows:


The Shar’i harms are many. Some of them are as follows:

A decrease in taufiq (success granted by Allah Ta’ala ); corrupt ideas; hard-heardtedness, an aversion towards people, cheerlessness in the heart and to be deprived of knowledge. The greatest spiritual harm caused by this evil act is the inability to remain steadfast on Deen. As long as a person is entangled in this evil habit, shaytân will gradually remove him from his friends until he dislikes their company. Thereafter, shaytan will draw him into the mud of desires until he is deprived altogether from remaining steadfast on Deen.

How many youth have been deprived of Tahajjud, fasting, recitation of the Qurán, acquiring knowledge, associating with friends, etc. because of the commission of this evil. A person who commits this sin becomes weak in front of shaytân and his nafs-e-amrnarah (lowly-self) instructs him to do evil. Hence, he will not have the ability to oppose his nafs in order to carry out the Commands of Allah Ta’ala. Hasan Basri (Rahmatullahi alaihi) has said: “A person deprives himself of performing Tahajjud by committing sins.”

Moreover, masturbation causes the bladder to become weak. Consequently, involuntary urinal and seminal discharges occur from the private parts. This causes complications in wudhu, salaah and cleanliness of the clothes.


Undoubtedly, masturbation causes physical harm -although some have exaggerated its harms – nevertheless, medical science has proven that masturbation is a cause of a number of diseases. Amongst them are:

1. It weakens the sexual organs and creates partial looseness in it.

2. It weakens the nerves generally – a result of the exertion caused by this action.

3. It affects the growth of the limbs especially the outer part of the urethra (duct through which urine is discharged from the bladder and the testicles). Hence it does not reach the limit of it’s normal growth.

4. It creates seminal (spermatic) inflammation in the testicles which causes quick ejaculation of sperm.

5. It causes pain in the vertebra column, the spinal column from which semen is ejaculated. This pain creates crookedness and twisting in the back.

6. It causes some limbs like the legs to shake and shiver.

7. It creates weakness in the cerebral glands of the brain which, in turn, weakens the power of perception and reason. Similarly, it leads to the weakness of memory.

8. It weakens the eye-sight and reduces its normal limit of vision.

9. It causes a person to become old before time.

10. It weakens the very delicate and fine nerves and veins of the sexual organs resulting in sexual impotency.

11. It causes an excessive loss of sperm by way of nocturnal emission (wet dreams).

12. It decreases the natural resistance of the body.

13. It causes harm to the four principal organs in the body viz, the heart, brain, liver and stomach.

14. It decreases the natural animal heat in the body, heat which strengthens the soul and body.

15. It causes an excessive loss of blood. Remember it takes 80 drops of blood to produce one drop of sperm. (Tajjus Sihat, pg 11)

16. It weakens the bladder.


1. The psychologists say: “Here the awareness of a misdeed and the feeling of a sin occurs to those youth who practice this vile act in such a way that within themselves there is struggle between the desire to practice this vile act and the remorseful feeling of a sin.”

2. Excessive practice of this vile act leads to cowardice, an increase in nervous agitation, no confidence in oneself, overwhelming disgrace, a decrease in the urge to study and desire towards isolation and introversion.

3. Similarly, excessive practice of this evil act leads towards its addiction and attachment. Instead of practising it to rid oneself of an irresistible desire or to unleash a violent eruption of desire within oneself, a person does it as a habit to attain and satisfy his carnal appetite and -desire. Ibn Qayyim (Rahmatullahi alaihi) has said:

“Many sinners sin without deriving any pleasure and urge except that they experience pain in quitting it.”


  1. People if you want to stop masturbation don’t do it nobody had pulled you hand to do it! and if not just do but not excessively like the article it said!

  2. I M FEELING VERY BAD . CAUX I M FALL IN THE BAD HABBIT OF H.P .. IT IS DIFFICULT FOR ME TO GET RID OF THIS .. I TRY EVERYTHING I MAKE MYSELF NOT TO DO THIS BUT DONT KNOW HOW I DD IT AGAUN … 🙁 i feel shame i blame myself.. sometimes i just hate myself for doing this .. if someone has a solution to this problm let me know ..

  3. This post is amazing!
    I had researched about masturbation on internet, some threads were saying that there is no harm some were saying there is a harm. Although I had noticed mixed views

    the side effects mentioned in this post are correct, like lack of confidence, decision making and even sometimes coward etc..

    the ultimate harm is to mind and your eyes which are a main part of our body, unfortunately the main cause is only a negative use of internet and filthy movies are now even common in our mobile phones, secondly the curiosity of sex life and marriage in single people

    this is now very common unfortunately because of the late marriages etc..

    well we cant stop it but we can maintain it by limiting the habit of masturbation day by day,

    another curse to our society is an excessive use of beetle nut (chalia),cigarettes, gutka etc.. because these are also responsible in limiting or disrupting the potency of man.

    must use fruits and vegetable and dry fruits like Fig (Anjeer), dates, wallnuts.

    we had definitely noticed that during Ramadan we feel a better health just think about it.

    the diet maintenance is also very important etc…

    best regards,

  4. AOA everyone,

    How to refrain from this habit:
    1. Pray five times a day and try to remain in Wadhu.(i.e. Make Wadhu everytime you go to toilet).
    2. Make Dua to Allah to help you stay away from it.
    3. Make Tubah (forgiveness) and make promise to yourself and Allah that you will not do it again. (this can be done later after you are confident).
    4. Stay busy every day. If you have a free time, try to fill in with some sport, meeting friends, Take some course online, language course, read some books etc.
    5. Whenever there is a strong urge to do it, go out of your house and/or stay with friends. When you return make Ghusal/Wadhu and make prayer and Dua.
    6. If you have ejaculation of some fluid by itself, and you have to do Ghusal, make sure that you don’t waste any time in doing it. Remember that you are very weak when you are “Napak”.
    7. Meet people, make friend and keep in it touch with them.
    8. Always remember the bad effects, strive to keep away from it. Don’t watch any material (video or images) which incites you. If you see something incidentally, say Astaghfirullah and move forward. As they say “out of sight, out of mind”
    9. Depending on the physical situation of a person, I won’t recommend marriage for everyone.
    10. Stop looking at girls, or follow them or talk to them over the phone whole night.

    How to get your physical power back
    First you have to follow what i said above, if you are successful for at least one month write here, then I will write about it. But first thing is prevention.

  5. Indeed masturbation is haram I advice Muslims to keep off even the Christians thanks a lot for the increase of knowledge!!!!!!

  6. After reading the posts i would like to advise anyone who has been doing this act to do the following:

    -Repent: Ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness with an honest and sincere heart. When you repent you need to make intention of not doing this task again otherwise there is no point ‘repenting’. If you cannot make intention of not doing this again then the alternative would be to ask Allah (swt) to help you increase your iman and give you more self control so that you do not fall prey to the devil and succumb to doing this act.

    **The Angels seek Allah’s forgiveness for believers who repent.**

    -Whatever it is that starts you off doing this act, avoid it by gaining a new hobby/keep yourself busy with islamic lectures -listen to nouman ali khan or mufti menk on youtube. They’re speeches are full of humour and very entertaining.

    – Everytime you succumb to doing this act pause for 5 seconds and think about the side effects and the punishments, if that doesn’t help you control yourself then walk into a busy part of the house and all will be forgotten as quickly as it came.

    Note- it will be difficult at first but will get easier as time goes on.

    – Constantly pray that Allah (swt) helps you stop committing this grave sin (considered a major sin) – regardless of whether your praying namaz or sitting idle, you never know when the moment of acceptance will come. Pray for yourself and for others that are also in the same boat.

    Note: In Saheeh Muslim and Sunan Ibn Majah, it is narrated from Abu Darda that the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) said, ‘The Dua of a person for his Muslim brother in his absence will be answered. At his head there is an angel, and every time he prays for him for something good, the angel who has been appointed to be with him, says, ‘Ameen, may you have likewise.’ (*62)

    If you repent and make intention to not do this again, and PROVE it by controlling yourseld and NOT doing it, then in-sha’allah Allah (swt) will make it easier for you to stop doing this as well as resolve your problems for you.

    Please pray Allah (swt) forgives my sins as well as all those that are comitting this grave sin.

  7. jazakallah khaeran for the topic i think this will be the end of this habit inshallah . i witness i will not do this evil habit anymore . and please make dua for every muslims who addicted to this habit. thank. asalamualikum wa rahmatullah

  8. jazakallah khaeran for the topic i think this will be the

    end of this habit inshallah . i witness i will not do

    this evil habit anymore . and please make dua for every

    muslims who addicted to this habit. thank. asalamualikum

    wa rahmatullah

  9. I had this habbit at the age of 17 to 25 i quit this sincere 2 years not that i dont do it at all but i did it 2-3 times in 2 years. I was skinny having a bicep of 8.7 inches i got 17 inches in 1.5 years…i just eatted alot of protein and gained weight and started gym as i was gaining much mass and size i was loving myself more n more, its hard not to do it when ure on heat but its not impossible, just think of having a good ureself and by doing so u will lose a step of being a handsome, get ureself busy, go out in ure friends, get up and do wazzuh offer nawafil…it will all help u to quit this bad habit.

  10. First i would like to pray for the publisher.Second guys! if u r suffering from this habbit and if u know about sperm don’t tell this to any of your friend or relative of your age because if he know this he will also practice this sin and u will be involve in his sin even how many times he do if your friend dont know about sperm dont bother to tell him Allah hafiz

  11. My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find the majority of your post’s to be just what I’m looking for. Would you offer guest writers to write content for you personally? I wouldn’t mind writing a post or elaborating on many of the subjects you write related to here. Again, awesome blog!

  12. ma sha Allah for this articule,i have been doing this act all my life till date and affected with all the above listed diseases.i have fasted,prayed and talk to ALLAH most night but i feel my prayers are not answered.pls brothers and sisters inclued me in your prayers.sir pls i rearlly need a cure. may ALLAH(SAW)REWARD U.

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