The First Day – The 8th ZilHijja

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts / Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Today, after sunrise, all the pilgrims are to go to Mina in the state of Ihram. Mufrid whose Ihram is for Hajj only and Qarin whose Ihram is for Hajj and Umra collectively, both are already with Ihram. The Mutamatte who had taken off his Ihram after Umra as well as the inhabitants of Haram will today wear Ihram at first. They should take a bath in accordance with Sunnat and should come in Masjid-e-Haram after wearing Ihram. It is Mustahab for them to perform a Tawaf. After saying two Rak’ats of Tawaf they should say two more Rak’ats for Ihram. Then they should make up their mind for Hajj in this way :

” O Allah ! I intend to perform Hajj for the sake of Thy pleasure. Render it easy for me and accord it Thy approval.”

With this Niyyat they should repeat Talbiya

No sooner did you repeat Talbiya the Ihram for Hajj started. Now you have come under all the aforementioned restrictions of Ihram. Now, you should proceed to Mina which is a vast open field between the two sided hills at a distance of 3 miles from Mecca. It is Sunnat to say five times prayers from the Zuhr prayers of the 8th Zilhijja upto the Fajr prayers of the 9th in Mina and to Stay here this night. It is Makroh this night to stay in Mecca or to reach Arafat. (The Annotation to Zubda).

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