Beliefs & Practices, Masturbation - A disastrous problem faced by the youth / Thursday, December 17th, 2009

The enemies of Allah Ta’ala know the importance of the youth and the role they play in the building of a nation. Hence, they have schemed various ways to eliminate and destroy this asset, to poison the thinking minds of the youth and to plant the spirit of unsteadiness and moral depravity in their lives. Some of the despicable ways in which they achieve their objectives are as follows:

1. To employ every possible means to stimulate and excite the natural impulse in man through:

1.1. Colourful, captivating and stimulating pictorial illustrations and images;

1.2. Female and male actors and sport-players whom the masses have accepted in order to frame their minds in such a manner that they can be easily influenced; to give them by means of these actors and sport-players a pattern and model of life;

1.3. Magazines that deal with women employed in the field of fashion, art, cinemas, sports and beauty;

1.4. Senseless music that is directed to degrade man;

1.5. Collections of poetry that decreases the soul to sense its natural feelings;

1.6. Imaginary and fictitious love stories and narratives sold on street-corners; and

1.7. Movies and films which the agents of the Jews produce to destroy the good-character of people so that it could become easy for them to rule the world.

2. To place imaginative obstacles and impediments on the straight path at a time when shaytân is also working hard to stimulate the passion of man. To place social, individual, mental and economical barriers toimpress upon the youth that the affair of marriage is a difficult matter. This second method of the enemies of Islam is, in reality, a closure of the legal doors whereby a person could satisfy his natural desires.

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