The Danger of the Jihad Organisations

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Saturday, March 6th, 2010

The gravest danger facing the Mujahideen are those governments, who are occupying the seats of power as a consequence of the manipulation of Anti-Islam forces, or due to the discord and disunity of the Islamic political parties, or by the inertia and the disinterest of the Muslim population. These ideological slaves of western ideology and totally devoid of any passion for Islam, will go to any length to preserve their power and their throne. These opportunists will not hesitate to use the good name of Islam for their inferior motives. They will adorn their heads with the white Islamic cap or wear Dopattah they will visit Masajid and shrines, to disguise their true colours, but as soon as they received the signal from their Kafir masters, they change their spots and blatantly disassociate themselves even from the fundamentals of Islam and do not miss any opportunity to assure their Kafir masters of their undying loyalty and gratitude. They will issue the commandments of sending the bulldozers, to demolish Masajid, they will destroy Madaaris, they will openly tear up any constitution to pieces. Based upon the fundamentals of Islam. They will turn their back from the basic principles of Islam, by declaring Values of Islam as Mullaism and retrogressive. These alive and kicking hypocrites, pose the greatest threat to Islam and Muslims.

These rulers of the Muslims, by name only, are in reality the slaves of the Kafirs. They are the ones, who are not averse to intoxicating drinks, and whose wealth and properties are multiplying in Switzerland and Europe, who spend their leisure time and holidays in an environment, where Satanic rituals are at their peak. These balloons of promiscuity are filled with the air of self-gratification, they thrive upon the company of only those underlings, who could inflate these balloons with thin hot air of undeserved and unworthy praise and in return of these obnoxious services they receive favour, patronage and prestigious appointments (thus spreading the disease of corruption at the highest level). These prisoners of their own inflated egos, these effigies of ignorance, neither speak with their own tongues nor use their brain, their chests are empty of the vibrant feeling hearts, their words are deprived of the truth. They are the remote controlled robots, who’s moves and words are controlled by their Kafir masters, thus the majority of these rulers of Islamic countries are regarded by their masters as a very usable commodity, but are totally untrustworthy.

The Mujahideen may in certain unavoidable circumstances, make use of them for their virtuous objectives from a considerable distance, but if the Mujahideen ever make the error of trusting them, even for a microscopic second, then they will pay a harrowing price for such a folly. Whether the Mujahideen have a cordial relationship or enmity with these rulers, under no circumstances, the Islamic Movements should consider themselves immune to these rulers’ evils and wickedness. To swallow alive their own friends and companions is a common practice of these rulers. Thus every small and large organisation must make preparatory arrangements, by which they can protect themselves from any eventual wickedness that might descend upon them.

If these heads of states, on the instigation of their masters, make any attempt to ban these Movements, or to restrict their activities, then these Movements must possess, some ready-made strategy and arrangements, so that their activities do to not halt to a grind even for a moment.

What are these steps? And what are these arrangements? We leave this matter to those upon whose shoulders the responsibility of these Movements lie. They should deliberate collectively and with urgency, giving it the priority over other matters, as the possibility of something popping up without prior notice could not be ignored. As each organisation and each area, works under different circumstances, it would also not be proper to write about such matters. Therefore it is not possible to commit these matters to paper, but it might be useful to hint at some important issues.

Firstly, those branches which are laden with fruits ought not to be trimmed. Therefore the Jihad organisations ought to limit their military operations to the theatre of war, and should not engage in such military operations in the Islamic countries which might result, in an open conflict with the governments, because such a situation will be beneficial to the enemies of Islam. This stance ought to be maintained, while the religious political parties and religious leaders are trying hard for the establishment of the supremacy of Islam. During such a period the military organisations should divert all their attention to the tasks of training, increasing manpower, the propagation of the Jihad and the theatre of war and ought to avoid any military operations in their own country, but when the religious political parties, religious leaders and eminent and distinguished respected ‘Ulama, by consensus abandon any hope of a peaceful Islamic revolution and abandoning the process of peaceful endeavour they issue the declaration of the Jihad, then the situation would be somewhat different.

As at present in our country Pakistan, struggle for a peaceful Islamic revolution is in progress by various means, and the respected ‘Ulama, have not issued the declaration and the Fatwa, therefore the Jihad organisations should concentrate wholeheartedly on the building up of the manpower, resources, training, the war zones and should not pursue the open conflict policy with the government.

Presently the closest and most deserving battle front is the Kashmir front, where the battle between the forces of the truth and the falsehood is reaching its climax. Both sides are exhausted. Now only those will be victorious, who will make the final push, and will not show the signs of weariness, fatigue and weakness.

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