Chapter 3, Hadith & Seerah, The Authority of Sunnah / Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

We present here a list of hadith works written by the Tabi’in in the first and second centuries. In the first century the following books of hadith were compiled by the Tabi’in.

1. Book of Khalid ibn Ma’dan (d.104 AH)

2. Books of Abu Qilabah (d.104). He bequeathed his books to his pupil, Ayyub Saktiyani (68-131 A.H.), who paid nore than ten Dirhams as a fare for them being loaded on a camel.

3. The script of Hammam ibn Munabbih, already referred to.

4. Books of Hasan al Basri(21-110 A.H.)

5. Books of Muhammad al Baqir (56- 114 A.H.)

6. Books of Makhul from Syria

7. Book of Hakam ibn ‘Utaibah

8. Book of Bukair ibn ‘Abdullah ibn a! Ashajj (d. 117 AH)

9. Book of Qais ibn Sad (d.117). This book later belonged to Hammad ibn Salamah

10. Book of Salaiman al Yashkuri

11. Al Abwab of Sha’bi, already referred to.

12. Books of Ibn Shihab al Zuhri.

13. Book of Abul-’Aliyah

14. Book of Said ibn Jubair (d.95 A.H.)

15. Books of Umar ibn Abdullah Aziz (61-101 A.H.)

16. Books of Mujahid ibn Jabr (d 103 A.H.)

17. Book of Raja ibn Hywah (d.1 12 A.H.)

18. Book of Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad ibn Amr ibn Haq

19. Book of Bashir ibn Nahik.

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