The Aadaab of the Masjid

Akhlaq & Spirituality, Beliefs & Practices, Fiqh / Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

1. Do not enter the Masjid without Wudhoo it is makrooh.

2. It is haraam to enter the masjid when you need a bath (ghusl).

3. Be dressed properly and respectfully when coming to the Masjid. (Some people enter the Masjid with T-shirts, denims or some other disrespectful and unlawful style of dress. This is highly disrespectful and is a violation of the sanctity of the Masjid.)

4. When removing your shoes, do not shove aside the shoes of others nor remove their shoes from a place in order to put your shoes there. The place occupied by the shoes of a person is the Haqq (right) of that person. On emerging from the Masjid if he does not find his shoes there, he will become worried.

5. Enter the Masjid with the right foot, reciting the Masnoon du’aa. When leaving, come out with the left foot, reading the appropriate Masnoon du’aa.

  1. It is preferable that one performs two rak’at tahiyyatul Masjid upon entry into the Masjid as long as it is not Makrooh time. When visiting the same masjid several times during the day, performance of tahiyyatul masjid once will suffice.

  2. Note: It is
    Makrooh tahreemi to perform Nafl Salaat between sub’h saadiq and 10-15 minutes after sunrise. Therefore, one should not perform tahiyyat-ul-wuzoo and tahiyyatul Masjid at this time too. However performance of Qadhaa Salaat, Sajdah Tilaawat and Janaazah Salaat are permissible. One should take note that every form of Salaat is impermissible at sunrise, mid-day and sunset and it is haraam to perform Sajdah (at these three times). There is no harm in engaging ones self in Zikr and Tilaawat.

8. If one desires to perform Sunnats or Nawaafil, one should perform them in a place where there is no likelihood of anyone passing in front him whilst in Salaat. Some people begin their Salaat in the back rows, when there are places vacant in the front rows in front of them, due to which people find it difficult to pass. It is not proper to cause inconvenience and harm to others. If someone is compelled to walk across such people performing Salaat, the sin of this walking will be upon the one performing Salaat.

9. Do not unnecessarily stand immediately behind someone’s back to perform Salaat. The person in front is perturbed by this action.

  1. It is more virtuous to sit in the first row. However, if place is not available, one should sit wherever he finds place. It is not permissible to leap over the shoulders of people in order to advance forward.

11. Maintain silence inside the Masjid and sit respectfully.

  1. When Jamaa’at begins, the first rows should be completed first, with both the right and left hand sides balanced equally. It is improper to stand in a back row, if space is vacant in front.

13. Do not stare about the Masjid. You are in the Court of Allah Ta’aala , hence sit with fear and humility, engaging yourself in Salaat or Zikr.

14. Maintain silence even in the Wudhoo Khaanaah (ablution block).

15. The Mu’takif (one who is in I’tikaaf) should not pass wind inside the Masjid. He should go outside just as he does when having to answer the call of nature.

16. The Masjid should not be used as a short-cut to get to the other side. This is not permissible.

17. Items which have a bad odour, e.g. tobacco, fish etc., should not be brought inside the Masjid. Similarly, after having eaten garlic or onions one should not enter immediately. First cleanse the mouth thoroughly. The same applies to those who smoke.

18. Acts rendered for worldly purposes are not deeds of thawaab. Such activities should not be carried out inside the Masjid. This applies to even writing of such ta’weez which are for worldly purposes.

19. It is disrespectful to unnecessarily climb on top of the Masjid.

20. The Imaam of the Masjid, after having given the Adhaan, should not go to another Masjid for Jamaa’at Salaat, even if he happens to be the sole musallee present, he should perform his Salaat alone in the Masjid. His Salaat in his Masjid is superior because, to populate a Masjid is nobler than performing Salaat with Jamaa’at.

21. Do not utilize haraam wealth or haraam objects in the Masjid.

22. Sometimes spray perfume inside the Masjid. (NB. It is not permissible to use perfumes containing alcohol).

23. Do not use the Masjid to make worldly announcements, e.g. for a lost item.

24. Whenever you have the opportunity, go to the Masjid and engage in Deeni acts, such as Zikrullah, Tilaawat, Nafl Salaat, etc.

25. It is not permissible to remove any of the Masjid’s items or goods for personal use. All the property of the Masjid is Waqf. Every musallee has an equal right in the use of the Masjid items.

  1. Do not make noise or disturbance in the Masjid.
  2. Do not enter the Masjid after consuming anything which gives out offensive smell, e.g. tobacco, raw onions and garlic, radish, etc.
  3. Do not indulge in worldly talk. Do not engage in any activity which disturbs those engaged in Salaat or Zikr.
  4. Do not engage in buying and selling of any kind in the Masjid.
  5. Do not distract those who are already busy in Tilaawat and Zikr by greeting them. However, if someone not occupied in Zikr, etc, turns to you on his own accord, then there is no harm in greeting him.
  6. Engage in Zikr and Tilaawat silently, if people are performing Salaat.
  7. Neither spit nor stretch your legs towards the Qiblah.

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