Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts / Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

For the inhabitants outside the boundaries of Miqat it is Wajib that at the time of their departure from Makkah they perform a parting Tawaf. (Tawaf-e-Wida). This is the last Wajib of Hajj and all three kinds of Hajj are like in this respect, as it is Wajib for one who performs any kind of Hajj. This Tawaf is not however Wajib for the people of Haram and the inhabitants of inside the boundaries of Miqat.

Rule Of Action
The woman who has already accomplished all the fundamentals and Wajibat of Hajj and her Mahram is going to set out on return journey, at that time she enters in the period of her menses or birth-blood discharge, Tawaf-e-SAdr (Tawaf-e-Wida) no more remains Wajib for her. She should not enter the Mosque but instead should stand near its gate and depart after invocation (Hayat-ul-Qulob). It is not binding on the Mahram of the woman and the pilgrims caravan to stay till she attains her cleanliness.
They many set on at their discretion and this woman should also return with them.

Rule Of Action
A particular Niyyat (intention) is not necessary for Tawaf-e-Sadr. A Nafl Tawaf already performed before your departure is also sufficient to subtitute for Tawaf-e-SAdr but it is preferable to perform a fresh Tawaf with a separate Niyyat exactly at the time of your departure (Zubda and Ghunya).

Rule Of Action
After performing Tawaf-e-Sadr if your stay in Makkah is extended further, the repetition of Tawaf-e-Sadr at the time of your departure is Mustahab. (Zubda).

Rule Of Action
After Tawaf-e-Sadr you should offer two Rak’ats of Tawaf Prayers, Thereafter you should drink the water of Zamzam while standing with your face towards Ka’ba and then you should depart from Haram (Zubda).

Rule Of Action
Before Tawaf-e-Wida and during stay in Makkah you are at liberty to perform numerous Umras for which, in order to wear Ihram, you are bound to go outside the precincts of Haram. The nearest of the precincts is the place of Tan’im wherefrom you may come back after wearing Ihram and perform the practices of Umra. In this connection Ulama have different views whethar, while staying in Makkah and Haram, the observance of several Umras is better or the often accomplishment of Tawaf. Hazrat Mulla Ali Qari has preferred the large number of Tawafs to frequent Umras and this is what is nearer to the practices of the companions of the Holy Prophet and their immediate successors.

(And Allah, I glorify Him, the Most High, knows best).

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