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Allah Ta’ala states,

“O believers! Fear Allah as He has to be feared.”

From this, one learns that to fear Allah a little is not sufficient, so fear Allah by attaining perfect piety. The question arises what is perfect piety. For this, we have to refer to the commentaries of the great commentators and not just understand it through our intellect. Hazrat Hakeem ul Ummat has mentioned the commentary of this verse in Bayan ul Quran as:

“O believers! Just as you have repented from Kufr and shirk, so must you stay away from all sins”.

One who has stayed away from Kufr and Shirk but does not save himself from sins has not feared Allah Ta’ala fully.

One has not fulfilled the right of fearing Allah Ta’ala as He deserves to be feared. Fearing Allah as He deserves to be feared in this context means “Just as you take precautions and stay far from Kufr and Shirk so too must you take precautions against the commission of sins. Protect yourselves from sins. Abstain from all sins and die only on Islam.”

“And let death not find you but in the state of Islam.”

This is the translation and commentary of the very first verse recited.

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