Verses of the Quran concerning Tabligh (Ayat 01)

Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Tabligh (Fazail e Aamaal)

“And whose words can be better than his, who calls (people) towards Allah, and performs good deeds, and says: ‘I am one of those who submit to Allah!'”

Certain commentators have written that whoever invites people to Allah through any means deserves the honour mentioned in the above verse. For instance, the prophets call people to Allah by means of miracles. and supernatural actions, the scholars invite them by preaching and arguments, the Muslim warriors (mujahids) call them by means of the sword: and the muazzins call them ‘by means of the azaan. In short, whoever invites people to good deeds deserves this reward, whether he calls them to the formal observances of Islam or to the internal improvements of the spirit, like the mystics who stress the purification of the heart and the realization of Allah’s attributes.
In the concluding verse quoted above some commentators say such a person should also be proud of the honour bestowed on him by Allah, of being categorised as a Muslim, and he should proclaim this honour in words.
Some other commentators interpret that he should not be proud of being a preacher, but should consider himself as an ordinary Muslim.

August 19, 2008

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Today, in our times, it is the fear of death! The fear of sacrificing your finger, your toe, a drop of blood! That is more honorable then any thing else. Look at us! Worldwide, look at our current affairs! Look at our situation! Look at the people around us! we are the most humiliated nation on the face of this earth! No doubt! Why? Because martyrdom to us is not appealing as it was to those ancestors, the great warriors that passed us, who lived around the best creature that walked this earth Muhammad Ibn Abdullah SAWS.

August 16, 2008