Hazrat Musa (A.S), History & Biography

The Ardh-e-Muqad-dasah (The Holy Land) which Allah Ta’ala had promised, was forbidden to Bani Israaeel for forty years as a punishment for their flagrant transgression and insolence to their Nabi. After Allah Ta’ala had released them from the bondage and persecution of Fir’oun, and gave them victory in Egypt, they were ordered to wage Jihaad against the Amaaliqah race who were occupying the Holy Land. This was the Land of Shaam (Syria and Baitul Maqdis).

November 12, 2010


Hadith & Seerah, The Teachings of the Holy Prophet, The Ways of the Prophet (SAWS)

1. Surah al – Fatihah – once: From surah al – Baqarh, ayah, 225/II – [Ayatul – Kursi, Throne verse] once:

2. 18. ALLAH Himself is witness that there is no one but ALLAH save Him, and the angels and the men of learning (too are witness). Maintaining his creation in justice. There is no one but ALLAH save Him, the Almighty, the Wise.

19. Lo! Religion with ALLAH (is) to surrender (to His WILLS and guidance). Those who formerly received the scripture differed only after knowledge came unto them, through transgression among themselves. Whoso disbelieveth the revelation of ALLAH (will find that ) lo! ALLAH is swift at reckoning. [111/1 8-1 9]

April 26, 2010

Zabiha – Halaal Meat

Beliefs & Practices, Fiqh

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Almighty Allah Ta’ala in His infinite Mercy has made certain animals halal (permissible) for this Ummah. We are required to be thankful to Him by following the dictates of the Qur’an and Sunnah by ensuring that His name is taken upon slaughtering of the animal. Allah Ta’ala states in the noble Qur’an:

  1. “For every nation We have specified a rite (for slaughtering) so that they may take the name of Allah Ta’ala upon (the slaughter of) the animals granted to them as sustenance.” (Al-Hajj 22:34)
February 5, 2010

50) Excess Against Others

Beliefs & Practices, Major Sins

Allah, the Almighty said,

{The blame is only against those who oppress men with wrong-doing and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land, defying right and justice: for such there will be a chastisement grievous} (Ash-Shura: 42)

The Prophet (pbuh) said,

“Allah has inspired to me that you are all to be humble and that no one should exalt himself above another.” (Muslim)

It is also reported that,

“If a mountain transgresses against the other, Allah will make the one that transgressed it into dust.” (Suyuti)

The Prophet (pbuh) also said,

May 8, 2009

29) Suicide

Beliefs & Practices, Major Sins

Allah Most High states,

{And kill not one another. Surely, God is Compassionate to you, but whosoever does that in transgression and wrongfully, him We shall certainly roast at afire! and that for God is an easy matter.} (An-Nisa’: 29-30)

February 25, 2009

091 The Sun (Rukuh 01) (Ayats 01-15)

Quran & Tafseer, The Noble Quran

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

وَالشَّمْسِ وَضُحَاهَا (1)

[91:1] I swear by the sun and his broad light,

وَالْقَمَرِ إِذَا تَلاهَا (2)

[91:2] and by the moon when she follows him,

وَالنَّهَارِ إِذَا جَلاَّهَا (3)

[91:3] and by the day when it shows his brightness,

وَاللَّيْلِ إِذَا يَغْشَاهَا (4)

[91:4] and by the night when it envelops him,

وَالسَّمَاءِ وَمَا بَنَاهَا (5)

October 18, 2008