• WaAllahu khayru alrraziqeena

“Allah is the Best to provide (for all needs)”. (Qur’aan: 62:11)

  • Inna alfadla biyadi Allahi yuteehi man yashao waAllahu wasiAAun AAaleemun

“All bounties are in the hand of Allah. He grants them to whom He pleases, And Allah cares for all, and He knows all things.” (Qur’aan: 3:73)

  • Allahumma rabbana anzil AAalayna maidatan mina alssamai takoonu lana AAeedan liawwalina waakhirina waayatan minka waorzuqna waanta khayru alrraziqeena
September 8, 2011

Laylatul Qadr (Hadith 03)

Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Ramadan (Fazail e Aamaal)

Anas R.A. reports that Rasulullah S.W. SW said, “On the Night or Power Jibraeel A.S. descends to the earth with the group of angels, praying for blessings on every servant of Allah they see standing in worship or sitting and celebrating Allah’s praises. Then on the day of ‘Iyd. Allah boasts about them to the angels, “O angels, what is the reward of that employee who had fully completed his service?” they reply, ‘O our Sustainer, his reward should be given in full’. To this Allah replies; ‘O my angels, verily My servants, the ales among them as well as the females have performed the obligatory duty upon them, thereafter they set forth to the ‘Iydgaah raising their voices n prayer to Me. I swear by My honour, by My Grace, by My High Position of greatness, that I shall surely answer the prayer of those people”. Thereafter Allah says (addressing the people) “Return, certainly I have forgiven your sins and have exchanged your evil deeds withs righteous ones”. Rasulullah S.W. SW said, “Those people then return (from the ‘Iydgaah) in forgiven state.

August 15, 2011

The Power of Allah Ta’ala

Akhlaq & Spirituality, The way to a Happy Married Life, Women & Family

In the second verse, Allah Ta’ala states

“O mankind, O people of the world’’

This is an address directed to the entire human race wherein Allah Ta’ala is instructing them,

“Fear your Sustainer”

“Who created you from one life”.

In the commentary of this verse, Hakeem ul Ummat Hazrat Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihe) explains that Allah Ta’ala has enumerated three forms of creating His servants,

August 11, 2011



The origin of the Islaamic Shariah is derived from four important factors which are known as the four principles. They are the Qur`aan. the Hadith-e-Nabawi, consensus of opinion (Ijma)and deductions of the Mujtahideen (Qiyaas). The fact that Maududi distances himself from the predecessors and deduces his own understanding of the four principles is indeed shocking. Regarding the Qur`aan he claims that its teachings were gradually distorted and forgotten, and after the period of revelation it became meaningless (Nauthubillaah). He writes in his book “Qur`aan Ki Chaar Bunyaadi Istikaahe” that the four words Ilaah (Allaah), Rabb (Sustainer), Deen (religion) and Ibaadat (worship) have a basic importance in Qur`aanic terminology. The reason for their importance according to him is:

March 3, 2011

On Leaving Madina

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts

At the time of leaving Madina, offer two Rak’ats of Prayers in Masjid-e-Nabavi and then pay a Salam in front of the sacred Mausoleum and pray to Allah that He may render your return journey easy for you and take you to your family in peace and safety. He may guard you against the evils of both the worlds and make you lucky enough to be present again in Madina. He may not render this presence of yours as your last presence.

“(And Allah’s help is sought and He is trusted in, and the end of our invocation is “All praise to Allah the cherisher and sustainer of the worlds).”

November 14, 2009


Akhlaq & Spirituality, Easy Good Deeds

Seeking Divine pardon is an antidote for the poisoning of human soul by sinning. Every sin against Allah, however heinous it may be, is forgiven if one seeks Divine pardon for it. Whenever a sin great or small is committed, it should be atoned for by seeking pardon, and even when no sin has been apparently committed, one should seek Divine forgiveness. Every Muslim knows that the eternally blessed Prophet Muhammad was free of all sin, but even then he has said that “I beg for Allah’s forgiveness seventy times or more every day. (Bukhari)

September 8, 2009

Is Science contradictory to Quran?

Beliefs & Practices, Chapter 08, Islam & Modernism

There is a group of simple people who think that all these attempts to conquer moon and space are contradictory
to the views of the Quran and the tradition and (God forbid) they are a challenge to the authority of God. So much so that, some people have been heard saying, purely out of love for Islam, that all the news about landing on the moon are fictions and they cannot be relied upon. But the fact is that if the scientists of America or Russia
or any other country reach the moon or mars or any other planet, it does not in any way clash with the Quran and the traditions, nor does it affect the supreme authority of God. There is not a single verse of the Quran or narration of the Prophet which denies the ascent of man to moon or Mars or any other planet.

August 17, 2008