Fiqh, Kitaab us Salaat

  1. To stand during the tahrimah without leaning on anything and without bowing the head
  2. To raise the hands to the ears (for men) before starting to say “Allahu Akbar”
  3. The palms of the hands and the fingers will be facing the qiblah when the hands are being raised
  4. To leave the fingers in a relaxed manner not closed to tight and not left wide apart
  5. To place the right hand over the left hand under the navel.
September 11, 2008

A few Masa’il Related to Fard and Wajib Salaats

Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 2-Salat and its virtues

1. The mudrik does not have to make any qira’at. The qira’at of the imam is sufficient for all the muqtadis. According to the Hanafee school of thought, it is makruh for the muqtadis to make qira’at behind the imam.

2. It is fard on the masbuq to make qira’at for the rakaats which he missed.

3. In other words, the muqtadi should not make qira’at in the presence of the imam. However, the masbuq has to make qira’at because the imam is not present for the rakaats which he missed.

August 31, 2008