The World of Islam Today Part 01

Beliefs & Practices

The world of Islam is passing through a crisis of confidence. However, unpalatable it may be the truth remains that the qualities of self-awareness and self-reliance are not the distinguishing features of Muslims in any part of the world today. Even those Muslim countries that are free (no matter whether they have been free for centuries or only recently attained freedom) are intellectually and educationally subservient to the West. The rulers of these countries often show commendable courage, even to the extent of incurring grave risks, in the political field but where the cultural, intellectual and educational spheres are concerned they betray an awful lack of self-confidence and freedom of judgment. It is an accepted fact that cultural and intellectual servility is much more harmful and degrading than political serfdom. Once a country has passed under the cultural and intellectual domination of another, it no longer becomes necessary for the latter to annex it politically. Further, since in the modern world the conquest and annexation of a country is no longer possible, superpowers are inclined to concentrate, more and more, on strengthening their cultural and intellectual hold over weaker nations instead of seeking their political subjugation.

March 28, 2010