Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 7 - Lives of Pious Women and Characteristics of Women, Women & Family

She was the queen of Saba. An animal by the name of Hudhud informed Sulaymân ‘alayhis salâm that he came across a queen who worships the sun. Sulaymân ‘alayhis salâm wrote a letter and asked Hudhud to hand it over to her. The following was written in the letter: “Accept Islam and come to me.” She consulted her ministers and governors and eventually made the following decision: “I will send many rare gifts to him. If he accepts them, I will conclude that he is a worldly king. If he does not accept them, I will conclude that he is a prophet.” When these gifts were given to Sulaymân ‘alayhis salâm, he returned them and sent a message that if you do not become Muslims, I will come with my army to fight you. When she received this message, she was convinced that he is a prophet. She left her city with the intention of becoming a Muslim.

February 28, 2011


Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S), History & Biography

After Nabi Sulaimaan (alayhis salaam ) rejected the gifts which Bilqees, the Queen of Saba’ had sent, she set out in person to meet him. Before she set out on her journey, she assembled her council members and explained that it was clear to her that Sulaimaan (alayhis salaam) was no ordinary worldly king. He was backed by divine power and confrontation with him would be disastrous.

She made extraordinary arrangements for the protection of her throne.  She arranged for many more soldiers to guard the seventh chamber of the palace where the throne was. This chamber was securely locked and no one would be able to enter in her absence.

November 27, 2010