Is Earning A Livelihood An Obligation

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Q. And lastly, more and more Muslim brothers are marrying and cannot afford to support a wife. Their families either become a ward of the government or they experience a life of meagre subsistence. In fact we know of one sister whose husband was injured on his job. he was awarded a small sum of money on monthly basis by the government. The money is not enough to maintain his family. Yet! although he is not disabled to the point where he cannot work he refuses to look for a job to bring in additional income to support this family. He claims he is doing Allah’s work since he is out to invite every person he meets to embrace Islam and will not withdraw from Allah’s work for the Dunya. Whose duty is it, then, to support his family? Or can the sister request a divorce based on her husband’s inability to support this family.

May 31, 2010


Beliefs & Practices, Live like brothers Deal like strangers

This short treatise, “LIVE LIKE BROTHERS – DEAL LIKE STRANGERS” is a translation of an article by Hazrath Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani Saheb (mudda Zilluhu). The original article titled “Mua’malaat Ki Safai ur Tanuzu‘aat” was published in the July-94 issue of the monthly urdu magazine Al-Balaagh. The basic lesson expounded in this article is the total clarification of all our transactions and monetary matters. Hazrath Mufti Muhammad Taqi Saheb (mudda zilluhu), in his capacity as a judge of the Shariah court, has immense experience in these matters. In the light of this experience he has vividly described the common problems that repeatedly occur in our dealings – and has given practical solutions to these problems.

February 2, 2009