Qasr At The Airport

Contemporary Fatawa, Fiqh

Q. We know that the Shariah has allowed us a concession of performing two Rak’ah of salah in place of four when on travel. The concession is known as ‘Qasr’. The question is exact when should we start “Qasr” after leaving our home? Sometimes we have to perform prayer at the airport of our city. Can we avail of the Qasr concession when praying at our airport or on our way to airport?

April 9, 2010

Prerequisites for the Validity of Jama’at

Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 2-Salat and its virtues

1. Islam – the jama’at of a kaafir is not valid.

2. To be in one’s senses – the jama’at of an intoxicated, unconscious or lunatic
person is not valid.

3. In addition to making the intention of salaat, the muqtadi must also make the
intention of following the imam. In other words, he must have this intention in
his heart that he is offering a particular salaat behind this imam. The masaa’il
related to intention have already been mentioned.

August 31, 2008