Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 5

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj)

Story No. 17: (Episode)
It is related that Hishaam bin Abdul Malik, before he became the Khalifa once performed tawaaf. Numerous times did he try to kiss the Hajarul Aswad, but because of the vast crowd he could not do so. Then Hazrat Sayidina Aabideen R.A. the son of Hazrat Ali R.A. who was the son of Hazrat Imam Husain R.A came along to kiss the Black Stone and all at once everyone moved away so that he could do so in peace and comfort. Someone asked him: “Who is this person, (that is so honored)?”
Hishaam knew who it was but would not say because of the ill feeling borne by Banu Umayya towards the family of Rasulullah Sal’am household. Thus he said: “I do not know.”
The famous Arabic poet Farazdaq who was present then stepped forward and said: “I know who he is.” Then he read the following poetic verse:
He is the son of the most virtuous of men,
This is he, who is God-fearing, holy and a leader,
This is he whose footsteps all Mecca knows,
Whom the Ka’bah knows, the Hill and the Haram.
This is he that when he moves to kiss the Hajar, indeed does the Hajar almost move to receive his hand.
Never said he Laa ( no) to anyone save in the Kalima,
Had it not been for that, never would he say it?
When noble Quraish sees his like they exclaim; this is the holder of true nobility.
When the saintly assemble, he is their imaam.
And when asked the best of them, to him they point.
This O Hishaam, is the son of Fatima if you know not.
Through his grand father was prophethood sealed.
And never be thy denial of him a fault with him,
Him who is known amongst Arab and Ajam.
In modesty does he cast down his eyes; and in awe of him do men look down before him.
And then they speak not save when he smiles.

November 13, 2010

The World of Islam Today Part 02

Beliefs & Practices

So far as the West is concerned it can never be genuinely sincere or sympathetic towards Islamic countries. Its malevolence is, partly, the outcome of history with memories of the Crusades and the bloody and long-drawn outstrifes between the Ottoman Empire and European nations still fresh in politicians’ minds. It is also partly dictated by common sense for the Muslim World, alone, possesses the potential strength and capability to constitute a danger to the universal ascendancy of the West or to confront it with a new Power Block based on a different philosophy of life and a call that transcends limitations of race and geography. It is strengthened, further, by the realization of the worth and importance of the vast mineral wealth and other natural resources lying within Muslim lands all of which can be of decisive consequence for the West, both economically and strategically. Finally, there is the traditional weakness of human nature that when a person is afflicted with an incurable disease he, sometimes, begins to derive a sort of morbid satisfaction from his desire, that others may become like him so that there can be nothing to distinguish the healthy from the sick. Those who can remain immune from this failing or overcome it successfully are those endowed with a genuine fear of God and love for humanity, but these noble qualities can be developed only through the teachings of the Holy Prophets. This wealth was, sadly, lost by the West ages ago.

April 4, 2010