Sunnah Salah In Journey

Contemporary Fatawa, Fiqh

Q. Should we perform the Sunnah Salah while we are on journey and whilst performing Qasr in the obligatory prayers? Some people say that the Sunnah Salah is not permissible in journey, and the Holy Prophet ( Sallal Laho Alaihi Wasallam ) did not perform it during his travels. What is the correct view of the Shariah?

April 12, 2010

Hadith Number One

Chapter 06 - The virtue of Makkah And The Holy Kaabah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj)

Hazrat Ibn Abbas R.A. reports that the Messenger of Allah said: “One hundred and twenty mercies descend upon the Ka’ba every day and night; sixty for those performing tawaaf, forty for those performing salaah and twenty for those merely looking at Ka’ba”.
Here we are told that merely looking at the Ka’ba is a form of Ibaadah. Hazrat Saeed ibn Musayyib R.A. the well known. Tab’iee used to say that whoever merely looks at the Ka’ba with complete faith, becomes so cleansed of his sins as the day he was born.

November 19, 2009

Ihram For Women

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts

Women’s Ihram as well as their ‘Hajj’ is similler to those of men. The only difference is that women should remain clad with sewn clothes. They should also cover their heads. Only the face should be left uncovered, but in the presence of male strangers, the veil of ‘Burqa’ should be dropped in such a way that it may not touch the face. A women is allowed to wear stockings and gloves. Wearing ornaments is also permissible. She can enter into the state of blood-discharge of a child-birth, but in this position she should not say two Nafl prayers of ‘Ihram’.

November 3, 2009

How To Wear Ihram

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts

When you intend to wear ‘Ihram’ you should at first take a bath though only making an ablution (Wudhu) will also suffice. It is Sunnat (Tradition of the Holy Prophet) before bath or Wudhu to have the nails pruned, to lower down the moustaches by trimming, to undershave, to shave the armpits and to have a hair cut or shaven if it has been usual ; otherwise to comb the long grown hair. For ‘Ihram’ It is Sunnat to comprise of two sheets of cloth, new or used but washed. One sheet should be used as a loin-cloth and the other as an upper cover. The sheets of black or any other colour are also permissible. When it is cold, blankets or towels can also be used.

November 2, 2009

On Proceeding To Journey

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts

(1) A ‘Hajj’ pilgrim should get his faults excused by his friends and relatives at the time of taking their leave and request them to pray for his well being. When he intends to get out of his house, he should offer two ‘Rak’at of Nafl prayers. On getting near the exit of his house he should recite Surah Inna Anzalna. (ch.97).

When he comes out he should give whatever he can afford as charity and should recite ‘Ayat-ul-Kursi’.

Thereafter he should pray to Allah in these words :-

November 1, 2009