The Way To Convert To Islam

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Q. “What is the procedure for a Christian to convert to Islam in order to marry a Sunni Muslim girl? Which reputable institution in Karachi arranges for such a conversion and Nikah, so that it is a widely accepted in our society?”

A. It is not correct practice to embrace Islam for the sake of marrying a Muslim girl only. Islam is a composition of certain beliefs and acts. It is a way of life. It is a matter of faith and conviction. In order to become a Muslim, it is necessary to accept all its basic teachings with one’s heart and soul. If one’s real purpose is only to marry a Muslim girl, and he wants to register himself as a Muslim only because he cannot marry that girl without it, while he does not have faith in the basic beliefs of Islam, he cannot be a Muslim in reality.

August 23, 2010

Marriage With Christian And Jewish Girls Or Boys

Contemporary Fatawa, Fiqh

Q. ” When it come to marrying a christian or a jewish girl or boy, the Muslims youths argue that the Holy Qur’an has allowed such a marriage. Since we are living in the midst of jews and Christians, we preeminently need to know the correct and precise Islamic position in this respect. please provide the guidance and oblige.”
(Dr. Zakaullah, New York)

A. The Holy Qur’an has never allowed the Muslim girls to marry a non-Muslim boy, no matter whether he is a Christian or a jew or a Hindu or a Parci. However, The Holy Qur’an has allowed a Muslim boy to marry a Christian or a jewish gril. But there are two important points which should always be kept in mind in this respect :

June 2, 2010