Restrictions Of Ihram

Hajj - Merits and Precepts

In the state of Ihram the following practices are inadmissible and unlawful:

(1) For males, wearing stitched or knitted clothes of the shape of one’s body, such as shirt, trousers, underwear, Achken and coat etc. There is no harm to have stitched patching to the ‘Ihram sheets as well as sewing of the loin in the middle. A sewn money-purse or belt is also an exception.

(2) To cover head and face for males.

(3) To apply any kind of scent to body or clothes; to used perfumed soap, to eat odoriferous tobacco. To smell any sweet smelling flower or fruit intentionally is also Makroh (undesirable). Unintentional feeling of any smell has however no significance.

November 2, 2009