On Emigration To Non-Muslim Country

Contemporary Fatawa, Fiqh

What is the ruling regarding adoption of the nationality of a non-Muslim country?
Many people who adopt the nationalities of these countries, or wish to do so, insist that they do so only because they are persecuted in their own countries, through imprisonment, threats and intimidation or confiscation of their property etc. Others see no difference between their own countries, which though Muslim, have no Shari‘ah, and those of the West. They contend that whilst both are equal in having no Islamic laws, their personal rights, property and honour are safer in their adopted country, and they will not be imprisoned or persecuted without reason.

A. The issue of emigration to a non-Muslim country and permanent settlement there, is one on which the ruling would differ according to the situation, and the reasons for the emigration.

September 25, 2010

Riba (Interest), Its Meaning And Application

Contemporary Fatawa, Economics, Fiqh

Q. Respectable Mufti Saheb : Kindly forgive me for intruding on your precious time and specially during the Holy Month of Ramadan when you will be too busy. Also please forgive me in addressing this letter in English as perhaps I may not be able to express myself more clearly in Urdu.

You have been making research on various Islamic laws and principles which remain not clear in minds of people like me who have no knowledge or study of matters. As a learned scholars and having vast experience and knowledge of both Islamic Laws and practices of modern period, I hope to get a rely of my query from you. Matter is the same old one- what is the position of bank interest or profit – by whatever name it is called according to Shariah. To express whatever I understand I give below my feelings:-

June 18, 2010

Veil: the View From the Inside

Akhlaq & Spirituality, Beliefs & Practices, Dawah & Tabligh, Women & Family

By Nakata Khaula

Do Muslim Women Have Rights?

Anyone whose sole source of knowledge about Islam has been the Western media, “knows” that Islam “oppresses” women. The hijab or veil, is the symbol of such “oppression.” To “liberate” Muslim women from such “oppression” has been the cherished goal of media pundits, Western “experts” on Islam, and the feminists.

January 27, 2010