Is Science contradictory to Quran?

Beliefs & Practices, Chapter 08, Islam & Modernism

There is a group of simple people who think that all these attempts to conquer moon and space are contradictory
to the views of the Quran and the tradition and (God forbid) they are a challenge to the authority of God. So much so that, some people have been heard saying, purely out of love for Islam, that all the news about landing on the moon are fictions and they cannot be relied upon. But the fact is that if the scientists of America or Russia
or any other country reach the moon or mars or any other planet, it does not in any way clash with the Quran and the traditions, nor does it affect the supreme authority of God. There is not a single verse of the Quran or narration of the Prophet which denies the ascent of man to moon or Mars or any other planet.

August 17, 2008