Sixth Question and Answer (Part 01)

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Question: We see that the dignity of the Ulema is purposely being destroyed and on every front we hear them being criticised and abused.


What you say is completely true.

But I ask you: In which period of history was it ever so that enmity was not shown towards the Ulema, and when they were not insulted? Is it riot true that Imam Abu Hanifa was imprisoned? Was Imam Malik not badly beaten? And what severe sufferings did not Imam Ahmed bin Hambal have to bear?

March 30, 2014


Chapter 3, Hadith & Seerah, The Authority of Sunnah

The basic characteristic of the books written in the second century is that a large number of them were arranged subject wise, while the books of the first century were not. However, compilations without due arrangement continued in this century too. The list of books compiled in this period is very long. Few prominent books are referred to here.

1. Book of Abdul Malik ibn Juraij (d.150 A.H.)

2. Muwatta, of Malik ibn Anas (93-179 A.H.)

3. Muwatta, of Ibn Abi Zi’b (80-158 A.H.)

4. Maghazi of Muhammad ibn Ishaq (d.151 A.H.)

August 30, 2008