Lecture 7. The Message of the Holy Prophet of Islam

Dawah & Tabligh, Muhammad, the last messenger, the last message

Gentlemen! In my previous six lectures I have trIed to prove in the light of sound, and authentic arguments that of all the great men who have served humanity, only the Prophets of Allah are the ones whose noble examples ought to be followed And the most perfect and complete life available to us today is that of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) which makes him the best and eternal role model for all mankind. Once we have shown that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the eternal and perfect model the question arises— what are his universal teachings that lead to eternal success? What message has he brought to the world and what are the essential features of that message for which the last of God’s Messengers was sent to this world? How did this Message modify & and complete the messages sent down through the earlier Prophets?

February 17, 2010

Lecture 5. The Comprehensiveness of the Holy Prophet’s Life

Dawah & Tabligh, Muhammad, the last messenger, the last message

Gentlemen! Every religion has shown to human beings how they could become worthy of achieving God’s love, and that usually meant following the good advice of the founder or the prophet of that particular religion. But Islam has done still better. It presents the practical example of its Prophet to everyone. The means to receiving God’s love is through following His Prophet example in every undertaking of life. Therefore, Islam is based on two things: the word of God and its application as shown in the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The word of God, or the Kitab means the Commandment of Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), and Sunnah, the Arabic term stands for the holy Prophet’s practice. Literally, it means the ‘way”, therefore, Sunnah is the way how the Prophet lived following Allah’s Commands. It is the practical example of the holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) that has been completely and fully preserved in the books of the Prophet’s traditions. In short, a Muslim’s success and spiritual flulfilment lies in following the holy Prophet’s Sunnah.

September 1, 2008